KTVU-TV Story About Cross Apparition In Tree Features Br. Mark McVann

KTVU-TV spoke with Theology and Religious Studies Professor Brother Mark McVann about the imprint of a cross that was discovered in the mid-section of a tree trunk in an East Bay cemetery. A groundskeeper who discovered the cross, and who also recently lost his brother in a tragic accident, took the appearance of the cross as a sign from his deceased sibling. Br. McVann spoke to KTVU's Jade Hernandez about the frequency and validity of faith-related apparitions throughout history. While he expressed doubt on any heavenly connections to the appearance of the crosss in the tree, McVann pointed out that it's always a good sign when people are reminded of the presence of God in the world. Watch the KTVU story.

Date of Mention: 
Friday, November 16, 2012