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The Lamont Madden Book Fund was established in 1997 in honor of Lamont Madden, a beloved student, football player and friend who lost a battle with a degenerative heart condition during his senior year.

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As a student at Saint Mary's, Lamont saved the books from all of his courses and loaned them to underclass students on the condition that the books be returned to him so they may be reused by other students. In his four years at Saint Mary's, he helped dozens of students achieve their college degrees. 

How does it help our students?

College books are expensive. Over a four-year period, a student could easily spend over $3,000 in textbooks. A student who might lack the financial ability to spend that kind of money on books could be at a significant disadvantage for academic success. 

The LMBF is a lending library of seminar books and a smaller library of miscellaneous texts in all subject areas. Disbursement is on a first come first serve basis, although those who have greater financial need will be given priority. We don't have any books with access code nor do we supply these books .   

The requirements of the LMBF are that you complete the application in full, perform one community service project in the semester that you borrowed from the LMBF, and return all books at the end of the semester.

Given the global pandemic, the community service project has been suspended for the Fall 2021 semester.

Our application for Fall 2021 is now closed. For extenuating circumstances, please contact

For more information about what the Lamont Madden Lending Library has to offer our students, please contact Student Success Office at (925) 631-4800 or

For more information about supporting this program, please contact Development Office at (925) 631-4509. 

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