Lasallian Educators Fellowship Scholarship

Five years ago, in response to the needs of the Lasallian schools in the District of San Francisco, Saint Mary's College initiated a program to educate teachers to serve in district high schools. This fellowship provides student teachers with the opportunity to study gratuitously in exchange for three years of service at a Lasallian school in a salaried position. To date, more than 30 teachers have been prepared.

At the presidential inauguration last fall, Maryann Ferris, valedictorian of the Class of 2004 and now a Lasallian Educator Fellow, addressed Brother Ronald Gallagher on behalf of the students.

"Dear Brother, through your witness, you have inspired and challenged our Fellows to embrace teaching as a life-giving vocation and as a spiritual journey. In recognition of your commitment, the Lasallian Educator Fellowship Scholarship is established today on the occasion of your inauguration."