Latinas Unite

Hermanas Unidas (loosely translated "United Sisters"), started in fall 2000 as a support group for Latinas on campus, has launched an alumna association to continue the hermanadad members experienced as students. The Hermanas Unidas Alumnae Association plans events, produces a bi-annual newsletter, and has special apparel for alumna. In addition, the alumnae began to fundraise, creating a scholarship to be awarded to an undergraduate Hermana.

"Members say being a Hermana is something they value and we take with us after graduating from Saint Mary's College," says Vanessa Cornejo '02.

Many Hermanas go into teaching or counseling, become Lasallian volunteers, attend graduate school, and advocate for human rights and social and global change. Alumna Manuela Martinez '03 says "Hermanas Unidas is my identity. For me, to detach myself would not be true to myself."