Degree Programs

"These are leadership tools that work on the job as well as in your life … and they’re contagious." - Eva Klinger, Senior Development Officer at the San Jose Redevelopment Agency

Our degree programs include both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in leadership. As of June 2012, we  also offer a master's with a concentration in Social Justice.

All programs are designed for working adults, with a flexible online learning format and periodic weekend classes on campus. These programs are offered through the School of Liberal Arts Graduate and Professional Studies, and incorporate a wide spectrum of values like critical thinking, ethics, service, and collaboration. 

B.A. in Leadership and Organizational Studies

Our bachelor's degree program is distinct in the following ways:

  • Integration of adult learners' prior and current work/life experience with the curriculum on leadership
  • A cohort model of learning.

We develop and enhance the capacities and skills you need to practice effective leadership in contemporary organizational life. Program completion is in 24 months for transfer students. 

M.A. in Leadership

In today's globally interdependent world, leadership involves more complex ways of thinking and being, and requires an inner orientation as well as an outer one. Our master's degree students enhance their leadership capacity through distinct learning threads and 12 courses in a 23 month program. GRE and GMAT are not required.