Leadership and Values Development

Attention to values and their development is at the heart of leadership education in the Leadership Studies Programs at Saint Mary's College.

Leadership and Values Development Program

We believe that when people access and develop a full spectrum of values they are more capable of fulfilling their own aspirations and contributing to the world in which they live. Brian Hall (2006), creator of the values survey technology, defines values as "the ideals that give significance to our lives, that are reflected through the priorities we choose, and that we act on consistently and repeatedly." He describes values as, "units of information that mediate our inner reality into full expression in our everyday lives."  We also believe that all teams and organizations consist of a "network of values" among participants, when cultivated generate the necessary learning, creativity and action to fulfill its mission and purpose—their "reason to be."

At the Center, we offer a variety of opportunities to engage in the development of values as part of one’s leadership education.  Individual and team coaching, research, and publications, as well as a certificate program in values coaching are some of the ways in which people can learn more about values development at the Center. We are accredited by, and are partners with, Values Technology, Inc. to deliver services in the Hall-Tonna Values system.

Individual and Group Values Coaching




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