Leadership and Values Coaching

At the Center we offer two kinds of coaching services: Leadeship Coaching and Education, and Values Coaching and Education. 

Leadership Coaching has shown to be a powerful and effective means to enhance leadership capacity in people and organizations.  Here at the Leadership Center, we combine our in depth and practical knowledge in leadership, adult learning and values development, with expertise in coaching to develop leadership capacity for individuals, teams and organizations. 

We offer leadership coaching to individuals and teams, as a distinct path to leadership development. Research has shown that coaching provides customized  learning and change, which can be responsive and adapted to the varying needs and developmental levels of the clients and the organizational context. 

We offer coaching as part of formal leadership training, education and development programs. Research has also shown that when coaching is coupled with immersive training abd education programs, there is more success in achieving short and long-term learning outcomes and in transferring the learning beyond the program.

We also offer leadership coaching and coach education programs to managers. When managers fold coaching into their work with staff and teams, it not only serves the development needs of employees, it also serves to cultivate and distribute leadership capacity more widely and promotes a more leadership oriented organizational culture. 

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Values Coaching for individuals and groups is based in the Hall-Tonna Values System. In addition to offering individual and group values coaching we also offer a Values Accreditation Program. 

Values coaching can take place in just one session, in which your coach helps you to interpret the Hall-Tonna Values Survey, or can take place over 2 or more sessions. In these sessions your coach helps you pay attention to the role values play in developing your potential as a person, a professional and in leadership. They do this by: 

  • bringing language to your highest aspirations;
  • helping you identify and track your learning edges;
  • promoting more empathy and compassion by knowing yourself and others more fully;
  • bringing healing attention on the unconscious blocks that can hold you back; and
  • moving you into more effective and prioritized action on what matters most.

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The Values Accreditation program is a collaboration between Saint Mary’s College and Values Technology to offer an accreditation for the Hall-Tonna Values Instrument.  Successful completion of this program provides you with in-depth and practical knowledge in the Hall-Tonna Values Development System that qualifies you to administer and interpret the Hall-Tonna Values Assessments for individuals.  The program pays close attention to understanding and using the values assessment tool. 

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