Wellness Incorporated: Four Facets of Mindfulness in Organizational Life and Leadership

Ken Otter, Ph.D.
Taught by Ken Otter, Ph.D. / Four Fridays September 18, October 2, 26 & 30, 2020 / 4 – 5:30pm via Zoom / Free to GLD Alumni 

Mindfulness in the workplace programs tends to focus on the individual’s experience and actions in the workplace. Of course, being more mindful of experience and how to respond to a situation and circumstance is central to cultivating wellness and skillfulness in organizational life and leadership. In this course, through the prism of our personal practice of mindfulness we expand our attention beyond the personal, to inquiring together on what cultivates mindfulness and wellness into the very fabric of organizational life. 

Each session has a period of mindfulness meditation, reflection and discussion on practice and on the activities conducted between sessions. There is also time for a short presentation on key topics and concepts, as well as action inquiry activities between sessions. 

Weekly Topics

Week One   -  The organization as patterns of relations 

Week Two   -  Organizational life as an ecosystem of values

Week Three  -  The learning organization ~ Unlearning and relearning at both individual and collective levels 

Week Four   -  Watering the seeds of wellness ~ The role of leadership 

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