Individual and Group Values Coaching

The Saint Mary's Leadership Center is pleased to offer Individual & Group Values Coaching sessions to the public.

We have utilized the Hall-Tonna Values Survey and associated 1:1 coaching as a core component within our Masters in Leadership program, and learners and graduates alike have asked that we make the service available to their friends, family and co-workers.

Brian Hall (2006), creator of the values survey technology, defines values as "the ideals that give significance to our lives, that are reflected through the priorities we choose, and that we act on consistently and repeatedly" (p. 21).  He describes values as packets of energy, "units of information that mediate our inner reality into full expression in our everyday lives" (p. 40).  The Saint Mary’s Leadership Center team has been accredited by Values Technology to offer individual, team and organizational coaching and consulting using the Hall-Tonna Values instrument.  To learn and read more about the Values Survey and why we believe it is a powerful tool for developing leaders for the 21st century, please click here.

The Saint Mary's Leadership Center Individual Values Coaching Sessions work as follows:

First, take an online values survey at  We will then provide an overview to the survey results, as part of an individual, 90-minute executive phone coaching session on the specific results of your values survey.  This material will help you better understand your own value priorities and the skills and capacities you need to reach your highest goals.  Many people report that having a conversation about bringing their highest values priorities into full consciousness is a powerful and transformative experience.

The values survey is an easy to complete, web-based, interactive questionnaire, consisting of 125 multiple-choice questions.  Once finished, the results and commentary will immediately be available for your use.

The cost for taking the values survey and receiving 90-minutes of
personal coaching over the phone is:

$495 Members of the Saint Mary’s community; veterans; people who work in non-profit organizations; and people who are currently unemployed.

$695 Corporate/Business/Government rate

Group and Organizational Rates are also available.

To ask any questions you might have about the Saint Mary’s Values/Coaching, please contact us.



With Gratitude to References
Hall, B. P. (1994, 2006). Values shift: A guide to personal and organizational transformation. Rockport, MA: Twin Light Publishers.