Letter From the President

President Donahue

Saint Mary’s College is built on a foundation of possibilities. From the core mission of the Christian Brothers “to touch the hearts of students and inspire them” to our own College mission where we boldly state our intent to “probe deeply the mystery of existence,” we have taken up the mantle of educating students differently. In addition to preparing them for a successful career, we know we must also help them to contribute to society as citizens of conscience and character.

We are able to work toward these lofty goals because the quality of the education and the talent of the people of Saint Mary’s is extraordinary. Our distinctiveness comes from our unique blend of graduate and undergraduate programs, our focus on teaching and learning and our research and scholarship, all in service of our Mission. Students come to Saint Mary’s with high expectations—only to have them raised even higher when they get here. They bring dreams of a fuller, bigger life—and here they find the learning and the people to help them make it happen.

Please enjoy the following annual report that highlights a few of the many reasons that the work and the people at Saint Mary’s give me great hope for the future. We know it’s possible to change the world—and we’ll do that one student at a time.

James A. Donahue