Letters to the Editor

Where's the Chapel?

Dear Editors,
I am concerned about the variations of the campus logo we seem to be seeing these days.  It seems to me that, as a Catholic and Christian institution, the logo including the College Chapel should be the official logo and used on all communications from SMC. We should be proud to be a College that is Catholic and Christian, and we should be both willing and proud to advertise this to others.

For those who may choose not to attend — or otherwise be involved with — such an institution, there is a list of others from which they might select. Let the Gaels be proud to advertise ourselves as both Catholic and Christian by using a logo which demonstrates this.

Brother Arnold Stewart '53

No Character

Dear Editors,
With respect to the question asked about the back cover (Summer '09). I assume you are referring to the new logo. I think it stinks. Or, in the common language, it sucks.

I believe it is a very bad idea. The new logo has absolutely no "character." But, it's your logo, so do what you want.

I read all the material in the magazine about campus and campus life and alumni. But the textual "articles" with no direct bearing on the campus are of no interest to me, and I skip them. Perhaps they belong in a separate quarterly publication (available on request) of human interest stories. They certainly occupy a significant fraction of the magazine, with little or no reason for being there.

David L Ramsay '57
San Diego


Dear Editors,
I was looking over the summer issue of Saint Mary's and noticed that the illustration on page 19 ("A Global Mission") has Singapore relocated to around Jakarta, Indonesia, on the island of Java. The Republic of Singapore is an island nation of about 220 square miles. It is located on the tip of the Malay Peninsula — almost 500 miles from the area pinpointed in the illustration.

But, in keeping with the Irish roots of the Saint Mary's Gaels, the island nation of Ireland is correctly identified. Sláinte!

Tom Collins '65
Alfred, Maine