Letters to the Editor

Readers Offended by Language

Why would you waste a page of the magazine with an insipid poem like The Negatives on page 45? In addition, we were offended by the language! And please don't use "academic freedom" as an excuse! What happened to good judgment? Please remove us from the circulation list.
S. J. Kukawka, Vista, CA

I am delighted to hear that readers of the magazine are reading and responding to Christine Fort's "The Negatives." I selected the poem for that issue's "creative spirit" theme in part because it dwells in the power of art: it is a poem about listening to a record album, and the poem's speaker, after initially responding negatively, comes to an understanding of the album's power and usefulness. I find this poem, due to its rich display of double meanings, densely packed sound and use of colloquial speech, also gets better and better with multiple readings.
Christopher Sindt, Poetry editor

I have really become quite fond of this beautiful little magazine; it resonates such an energy as I hold it here in my hands. Thanks to all for the work you do.
Patrick Bennet '91, San Jose

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