Letters to the Editor

Memories Are Made of This
Thanks for such a great story. It rekindled so many stories from when I was in the Christian Brothers at Saint Mary’s from 1971–73 with Brother Donald Mansir FSC, Brother Hugh Kennedy FSC, Brother Andrew Steel FSC and Brother Michael Quinn FSC. I still think about the Christian Brothers all the time, from my grandparents being at the August 5, 1928, dedication of the Saint Mary’s Chapel on campus to my uncle, who was also up at Mont La Salle in the juniorate. (He died at 42, twelve years after serving in the D-Day invasion in WWII).
Edward Hayes, Sparks, Nev.

A Second Life
Saint Mary’s Magazine is a very entertaining magazine. I love reading every issue. I have a BA degree from Saint Mary’s in English/Philosophy. Now that I have taken early retirement from my day job, I have the rest of my life to work in pop music and the creative arts, which has always been my greatest passion. I am in the music business as a songwriter, executive producer, music supervisor, publishing company owner, record label owner and entrepreneur.
Dan Orth ’71, Lounge Renown Records,
Oakland, Calif.

Dinners with Brother Mel
Hi, I get the magazine and love catching up and seeing what’s going on with the college. One of my fondest memories from Saint Mary’s: a few dinners with Brother Mel in his sweet dorm/pad. He had great stories and was a super host!
Mike Wise ‘83, San Rafael, Calif.

Chester AaronNever Give Up
I served as professor at Saint Mary’s for 25 years and have been professor emeritus for more than 15 years. After receiving a recent issue of the magazine and reading about the publishing activities of current faculty, I decided to send information about my newest and 26th published book. It is a novel that went on the market July 1, 2011. I continue to farm and to write and to publish. Due out this year: a collection of war stories. Just republished: a young adult novel first published in 1973 by Harcourt Brace. One of my novels was a film for ABC-TV Weekend Special and two titles have recently been optioned for film. I share this with you to urge soon-to-beretired faculty, staff and also students, that they should not give up.
Chester Aaron, Occidental, Calif.

[From the editor: About Them is Aaron’s autobiographical novel about growing up in 1930s Butler, a Pennsylvania mining village, and about the immigrant families making a life there. It’s a story about friendship, making do and falling in love.]