Alumni Stories: Life After LEAP

From here, you can LEAP anywhere... 

The Liberal Arts education is designed to promote lifelong learning and build well-rounded professionals, no matter what the field.  LEAP alumni continue to be accepted into prestigious graduate school programs and are enjoying careers in a wide variety of fields such as Education, Medicine, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Art History, Law, International Relations, Museum Studies, Theater and Dance, Public Relations, College Administration, Fundraising and Development, Non-Profit Management, and Arts Administration. Other graduates are still dancing professionally, but with a secure sense of their future and the knowledge that with this degree they will experience a much easier career transition upon retirement from the stage.

“L.E.A.P.’s flexible scheduling allows professional dancers to attend school while performing, thus bestowing the gift of preparedness.  [The program allowed] me the opportunity to taste various subjects, expand my ways of thinking, and whittle down my ongoing list of dream jobs."

— Kara Wilkes, LEAP Alum