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From here, you can LEAP anywhere...

Over 500 dancers from leading ballet, modern, and ethnic dance companies as well as musical theater, TV, and film have enrolled in the LEAP Program. The liberal arts education is designed to promote lifelong learning and build well-rounded professionals, no matter the field.  

LEAP alumni continue to be accepted into prestigious graduate school programs and are enjoying careers in a wide variety of disciplines such as Education, Medicine, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Art History, Law, International Relations, Museum Studies, Theater and Dance, Public Relations, College Administration, Fundraising and Development, Non-Profit Management, and Arts Administration. Other graduates are still dancing professionally, but with a secure sense of their future and the knowledge that with this degree they will experience a much easier career transition upon retirement from the stage.

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“LEAP’s flexible scheduling allows professional dancers to attend school while performing, thus bestowing the gift of preparedness.  [The program allowed] me the opportunity to taste various subjects, expand my ways of thinking, and whittle down my ongoing list of dream jobs."

— Kara Wilkes, LEAP Alum