Use "Check for Full Text" to find articles

In many research databases the full text of the articles you seek isn't readily apparent. This is made even more confusing by the fact that all of the databases have different display options.

First, look to see if there is a link on the page that says something such as “full-text,” “HTML,” or “PDF.”  If so, follow that link to retrieve the full article. If there is no link to full-text, look for a link that says “Link to Holdings,” "Check for Full Text" “Check SMC Holdings” or these images:

Check for Full Text

This will take you to a page that will tell you whether we have access to the journal or not, and provide links to accessing the text.

What does the “Check for Full Text” link do?

It does one of 4 things:

1. Takes you into another of our databases that has the article you want.

Click the link to the PDF, HTML or other full-text format for the article if one appears.

screen capture for "check for full text"







2. Takes you to a page that tells you that we only have that title in print in the Library.

When there is a link with text Saint Mary’s College Library Holdings…. Click on Journal to open an Albert catalog window, which shows the subscription date for the print subscription in the Library’s collection.

3. Takes you to a page that has links to other databases. 

screen capture of holding screen





Click “Article,” if that link is available.

When there is no Article link….  Click on Journal to connect to a list of the available volumes and dates of a journal; then click on the appropriate date to locate the article.

4. Or, if  “Sorry, no holdings were found for this journal” is displayed….

Check SMC Holdings

Click on ILLiad to request the article from another library.

If you have any difficulties, ASK US!