Conference Room Reservation Policy

Do you need to reserve the library conference room?


• The Conference Room is only used for library meetings and activities. Rarely, an exception may be made by the Dean, however, non-library event exceptions are made with the understanding that if the room is needed for a library instruction session, that external event may be cancelled or rescheduled.

• Library instruction sessions are given priority over other uses. Non-instruction reservations may be cancelled or rescheduled, with notification, when the room is needed for instruction.


• Librarians may reserve the room themselves for instruction sessions.

• Faculty requests or other exceptions must be referred to the Dean or her designated substitute when she is out of town.

• Beverages and simple snacks are allowed; please use coasters available in the room to protect the table. All food items and trash must be taken from the room at meeting’s end.

• Exceptions to this policy may only be made by the Dean of Academic Resources, Lauren MacDonald. (The Dean reserves the right to schedule a reservation which may result in a cancellation of a non-instruction reservation.)  Please contact Monica Axelrode, the Assistant to the Dean, at for further information.

NOTE: The Wildenradt Theatre is not available for faculty/staff booking.