Using your computer to access library databases

Optimize your computer for Library database searching.

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Browser settings:

  • allow pop-ups – under Tools/Options, Internet Options, or Preferences 
  • disable history; no caching or history – look under Tools/Options , Internet Options, or Preferences; 
  • allow cookies – under Tools/Options, Internet Options (Security Settings) or Preferences (on IE side the bar must be all the way down) 
  • Set PDF’s to open with Adobe Reader; not “Preview” or within a browse. This allows Taylor & Francis eBooks Download feature to work. To test, open the document at this address: 
  • JavaScript enabled – look under Tools/Options - Content, Internet Options, or Preferences. 
  • Java add-on in browser; Make sure Java add-on is "always enabled"


Software and plug-ins for individual databases:

  1. Many databases require the latest version of Java: – download from here:

    To test go to here:

  2. Taylor and Francis Ebooks – some of the books requires an Adobe Reader Plugin found here:
    OR here:
  3. NAXOS Sheet Music  - to download requires additional software found here:

For PC:

For Mac: