Library Instruction

The purpose of library instruction is to foster information literacy and teach research techniques for student success. Each academic department and program has a subject librarian committed to assisting faculty, students and staff of that department.  Subject librarians work with faculty in the departments to build collections and collaborate in the development of Information, Evaluation and Research Practices (IERP) and Graduate Scholarly Research & Information Literacy (SRIL) goals and curriculum.  

What We Do

Subject librarians:

  • Design and deliver assignment-specific instruction.
    • Assist students in defining their information needs, identifying and selecting appropriate sources of information, and evaluating their sources in terms of relevance, reliability, and objectivity.
    • Assist students in developing strategies for information seeking and ethical use of information.
    • Assist students in developing critical thinking and decision making skills necessary for research.
    • Integrate hands-on learning techniques for database searching using our wired classroom.
  • Collaborate with instructors to design effective research assignments that meet IERP and SRIL requirements and utilize library resources.
  • Assist in incorporating library resources into online courses (Moodle).
  • Create and maintain subject guides to discipline-specific library resources.
  • Develop tutorials and instructional materials for library resources.

The Basics

Instruction works best when students have an assignment requiring research and is scheduled when students will begin working on the assignment.

Request Library Instruction

  • Please use the English Composition Request Form to schedule a library session(s) for your English 3, 4, or 5 class.
  • Writing in the Discipline course instructors, contact your Subject Librarian to schedule a session.
  • For other course/program-specific instruction, contact your Subject Librarian to discuss your goals and request an instruction session.

Faculty Resources

Librarians are available to assist faculty in the use of databases and other information resources in support of faculty research and/or the development of courses; to keep faculty informed about important new resources in their fields; and to provide essential statistical and evaluative information about library collections in a subject particularly in support of the development of new courses, programs, and program reviews.

Resources For Your Students

Guiding Documents


Gina Kessler Lee
Instruction Coordinator
(925) 631-4413