Library Scholarly Research on Potential Campus Speakers

Members of the academic community planning public events may ask Library staff to research a potential speaker.

These requests are often based on wanting to understand the body of public and scholarly work an individual has produced and, often a hope that Library research staff can find an example of the person speaking to assess speaker clarity, dynamism, etc.

The Library research staff will search reliable, publically available and licensed resources to compile a representative bibliography of the person's work including primary and secondary sources.  As with any reference request, this search will be conducted in accordance with the ALA Code of Ethics.

Librarians do not assess or vet potential speakers.  It is the responsibility of the event planner to ensure compliance with the Campus Public Event Speaker Policy.

Please send requests to Patricia Wade, Reference Coordinator at

  • When the search is complete the results will be communicated directly back to the event planner requesting the information.
  • As with all reference transactions all requests and responses will be treated as strictly confidential.  One exception is if the requestor wishes to have the list of information sources/bibliography made available to the campus and public communities in advance of the event.  In that case, the Library can help make these resources widely accessible.
  • The Library requires at least one business week to complete such research.