Quiet in the Library Statement

From the Student Handbook of 2016/17.
The Library provides a safe and respectful environment for learning, studying, interacting and reflecting.   Your fellow students have asked that noise in the Library be minimal.  To achieve this, we ask you to respect the following:
  • The first floor lobby is an interactive space where students, faculty, and staff communicate quietly with each other.


  • The "Silent Study Zone" on the first floor is provided for students who need or prefer absolute silence (no whispering or food). The “Silent Reading Room” on the third floor provides a quiet, relaxed space to study with armchairs and beanbag chairs.


  • Conversations on the second and third floor should be low and short. The library maintains "24 hour Quiet Study" during finals and pre-finals. The Campus keeps Dante classrooms open during finals for students who need to talk more actively and for study groups that cannot be accommodated in the Library's 6 group study rooms.


  • Library group study rooms are provided for students working in groups of 2 or more.