Reserves Guidelines

Material that is required or recommended reading/viewing/listening, or otherwise in high demand, may be placed in the Reserves Collection. The primary function of this service is to enhance student access to the material. The Library maintains a Print/Media Reserves collection which is housed behind the Access Services Desk, and an Electronic Reserves collection which is available online.

Print/Media Reserves Collection                                                                                                              

Material from the Print/Media Reserve collection is available for checkout during all hours the Library is open, and loan periods range from 2 hours to 1 week.  Material in this collection may include circulating materials owned by Saint Mary’s College Library, personal copies of books, videos, CDs, or other materials not available through the Library.

Print/Media Reserves Form Instructions
  1. In form fill out section one's required fields.

  2. From the drop down menu at the bottom of this section select which action you'd like to take.

  3. In the next section for listing materials please include the item Title, Author, Call # if applicable, Year and/ or edition. Giving as much information as possible speeds up the process of getting your materials up for your students.

  4. If you need to put on more than 4 items please do a new request for each group of four.

  5. Hit Submit.

  6. Please drop off any personal items for Print/Media Reserves at the Access Services Desk with your name and Course name attached for processing.

  7. At the end of the semester please return to the library to pick up your personally owned materials. The Library is not responsible for personally owned materials after the course has ended.

Electronic Reserves Collection (ERes)                                                                                                   

Material from the electronic reserve collection is available online 24/7 and is password protected.  The collection is available through the Library’s homepage and can be linked to Moodle by the ERes Manager. Material in this collection may include journal articles, book chapters, test keys, audio tracks, and other items that may be scanned for electronic access.

EReserve Form Instructions
  1. In form provide name and email, click next.
  2. Use drop down to find your course. If this is the first time you've requested through ERes for this course click on the Enter it Manually Instead option instead. Fill in provided information on the form.
  3. Use dropdown to find your name in the Instructor list. If you do not see your name select add new instructor and manually add your name.
  4. For password use your Course Number e.g. SEM004 (all caps).
  5. In item info you will be given the option of linking or attaching a file for the material. If you have found the material on the SMC Library website put the permalink here. If it is a personal copy upload the document here.
  6. Enter the dates you want the material visible. Note material that needs copyright permission will only be available its first semester of use and for only 30 days every subsequent semester.
  7. Under type select the type of material the item is and click on the Go button. Then please provide the necessary information for that item type.
  8. Read the Fair Use Guidelines agreement and check the box.
  9. Hit Submit. A green box will confirm your submission, hit Request another for additional items.


General Guidelines

  1. It generally takes staff 2 business days to process reserve requests (print/media or electronic). Please place reserve requests in a timely manner to allow time for processing.  Please do not place requests needed for the weekend after noon on Thursday. Requests must be submitted online. Please see the Course Reserves page for links to these forms.
  2. Bring personal copies of materials to the Access Services Desk. Note that we will attach clear tape to the spine and inside back covers of books and/or video jackets to accommodate the reserve labels. These will be removed before materials are returned to you, but the clear tape will remain.
  3. We recommend that loose-leaf reading materials are offered via ERes.  Please bring the material to the Library and we will do the scanning for you.
  4. If books or other items need to be purchased for reserve, please request them from your Library subject selector at least six weeks in advance of when they will be needed.
  5. At the end of the semester, or the end of the reserve period, whichever is sooner, materials are automatically removed from reserve. Library-owned materials are returned to the stacks, and instructors will receive a reminder to pick up their personal items. Unclaimed personal items will be returned to instructors via campus mail or delivered to department offices. The Library does not assume responsibility for materials not retrieved in person.


Copyright Guidelines