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The Archaeology Channel - Free online streaming video provided by the Archaeological Legacy Institute. Includes films of fieldwork from around the world, created by archaeologists. Also look at the monthly Video News from TAC.

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Encyclopedias and Handbooks

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Special Topics

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The accepted citation style for anthropology is now the Chicago Manual of Style. For help citing in Chicago Style see the SMC Guide. The full Chicago Manual of Style is also available online 

[Note: Some anthropology faculty still prefer the American Anthropological Association (AAA) Style. For help citing use the American Anthropological Association (AAA) Guide from SMC]

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The Archaeology Channel - Provides access to streaming video and audio relating to archaeological excavations and projects. Presented by the Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI).  Includes a half hour video news magazine presenting archaeological news from around the world.

 Bibliographies for Archaeological Research - Search bibliographic lists organized by subject. Such subjects include: Historical Archaeology, Thesis/Dissertations, and Human Origins. Organized by Tennessee Archaeology Net.

ECAI: Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative - "The Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative, based at University of California, Berkeley, is a global consortium of people who share the vision of creating a distributed virtual library of cultural information with a time and place interface".

Museum of Underwater Archaeology - Includes exhibits and information on underwater archaeology projects.

The Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR) - A digital depository of a variety on archaeological data hosted at Arizona State University. Includes, photographs, documents and more. It is free but requires that you create an account.

The Americas

 African American Archaeology, History and Cultures - Online access to the subjects of African American archaeology, history and cultures, and the African diaspora archaeology.

California Academy of Sciences: Anthropology Department - The database collection is highly visual, with many images to enjoy. Find online exhibitions, publications, and more.

C.E. Smith Museum of Anthropology - From CSU Hayward. Provides information about Bay Area archaeological projects, and short essays on historical archaeological topics of the Bay Area.

National Archaeological Database - Divided into three areas: NADB Reports, NADB-NAGPRA, and NADB-Maps.


 Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe: WWW Virtual Library for European Archaeology - Represents 38 countries, and looks at current archaeological communication and information. Browse by geographic area, by time period, or use the search page. Many pages are in a language other than English.

Middle East/Near East

Digital Karnak - Includes text and animations of the temple of the god Amun in Karna,

UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology - Articles on Ancient Egypt written by leading Egyptologists.