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Subject Guides


Discover articles and books from many of our databases.

Includes abstracts and indexing to articles from over 1,000 worldwide business periodicals. Includes Wall Street Journal. (NOT included in Multisearch)

Quality academic articles on topics ranging from management to marketing. (Included in Multisearch)

The industry's most popular business research database, features the full text for more than 2,100 journals. Includes Harvard Business Review. (Included in Multisearch)

Multi-disciplinary database providing the complete content from six of Wilson's full-text databases, including Business Full Text.

Indexed bibliography with selected abstracts of the world's economic literature (over 300...

Essential economic data coupled with superior business management research and insights from the...

Academic OneFile indexes nearly 13,000 academic journals, magazines, newspapers, and reference...


Local, National, and International Newspapers

Provides access to full text of many top international, national, and regional news sources. Includes New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and San Jose Mercury News.

Use this resource to find full-text of the local East Bay Times (formerly Contra Costa Times), and many other California news sources, including the San Francisco Chronicle, and smaller local newspapers.


This new resource includes the full-text of over 1,800 cases on topics including accouting, finance, operations management, entrepreneurship, marketing, and more. Sources for cases include Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University), UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, Yale School of Management, University of Cambridge, China Business Case Center (CBCC) of Tsinghua University, and more. These cases can be shared in course readers.


Finding other published case studies

Sometimes case studies they are published as articles in trade and scholarly journals. To find these, simply do a keyword search for your topic, and add “case studies” as a second term. 

For example:
search screenshot


The best databases to use for finding business case studies are

IMPORTANT NOTE: While very similar in content and style to articles, case studies are not always found in journals. Many times, case studies are separate publications available from institutes or scholarly presses via special subscriptions. A specific case study you are looking for may not available at the library. Always check with your instructor or a librarian.


Harvard Business Review Case Studies

Due to license restrictions in place by Harvard Business Publishing, libraries are not allowed to purchase or lend the popular Harvard Business Review case studies. Access is limited to individual purchase ($7 each), or via institutional copyright clearance.

Faculty: if you are interested in including a HBR case study in your course, contact SEBA staff for information on the possibility of purchasing the rights to do so. The Library will not be able to purchase the study for the collection.

Students: If you have been assigned a case study, check with your professor for information about accessing the content. The Library, unfortunately, will not be able to provide you with the content.

Note: One case study- typically featuring a fictitious company- is published each month in the Harvard Business Review magazine. These cases are accessible like all other HBR articles via the print edition or the online content in the Business Source Complete database. However, due to Harvard Business Publishing's license agreement, they may not be able to be downloaded or printed, and may not be included in course reserves.

Other Resources

Some of the better known individual institutes and schools that publish case studies online, free or for a charge, are

Like the Harvard Business Review case studies, cases available for a fee can only be purchased by individuals and can not be acquired by libraries.

For even more links and tips, see the fabulous guide created by Simon Fraser Univerity's Library.

In-Depth Profiles, Histories, and Financials

Comprehensive financial information for over 14,000 U.S. public companies (active and inactive) listed on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ exchanges, and 27,000 non-U.S. companies.

Use for

  • in-depth public company data
  • supply chain information (see Horizon tab)

(formerly Avention's OneSource).

Use for

  • More in-depth anaylis of  both public and private, US-based and international companies (SWOT analyses, Technologies in Use notes, and CRUSH reports)
  • to create lists of companies by various segment filters
  • if Mergent doesn't have financial data on a specific large private companies, try this source

International Directory of Company Histories: Narratives detailing companies' histories, from inception to modern operations.

Search for news reports on particular companies, legal issues, and company information. Company information included in Nexis Uni includes SEC filings, Marketline company profiles, Hoover's company profiles, Experian Commercial Credit Scores, and more. 

Access to data, industry news, and more for private and public U.S and international businesses. Includes data from Hoover's Company Profiles and Dun & Bradstreet's private company database.

Use for

  • basic public company data
  • private company data 
  • easy access to related industry reports (connects to First Research; you may need to re-enter your SMC email to access)

EDGAR: Repository of registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms submitted to the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission. (Data also available via Mergent sources.)


Non-profit Organizations

Guide Star: One of the most recognized resources for researching nonprofit organizations. Create a free profile to access full records and the most comprehensive data available. Includes Form 990s and proprietary ratings.

National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS): Another free resource collecting non-profit organizations tax records. (Form 990s are available)

Charity Navigator: Another resource for investigating non-profits. Includes Form 990s and their own rating system.


Market Share

Market share for companies and products is not a data point often easily found. For more advice on searching for market share, see this FAQs page:

Surveys, Analysis, and Data

Top quality industry market research, industry risk ratings, company research, global industry research, and economic and demographic data.

Data, information, and analysis on more than 600 Industry Segments. Also includes "Call Prep Questions" to help research industry trends and concerns. (IMPORTANT NOTE: You may encounter many prompts before being able to use the resource. Select "Continue" and "Select" when prompted. If you are asked for your email, use your SMC email.)

 This source includes many recognized industry surveys, such as Freedonia, MarketLine, STAT-USA, and Emerging Markets Direct. Also included are the RMA Annual Statements.

Includes popularIndustry Surveys for over 55 top industries, as well as "Sub-Industry Reports" for other more specific products and services.

From Euromonitor, this source features news and analysis on various product, service, and supply industries. Includes detailed consumer data for the US and 205 other countries.

Mintel reports analyze market sizes and trends, market segmentation, and consumer attitudes and purchasing habits, as well as assessing the future of the market. (Users need to create a login before using for the first time)

In-depth market analysis and industry statistics on nearly 30 of the top industries.


Lexis-Nexis includes news, surveys, and forecasts from a variety of sources. To access, select the "Companies" link, and then choose "Company Dossier." View the "Industry" tab and enter an SIC code or key term (or browse the industry hierarchy).

Use to track stock returns for the last 5 day, year, and 5 years in a given industry. (see "Industries" under the "Markets" heading)


Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios. In print only. Reference Room, call # 338 T759. Includes 22 financial and operating ratios for over 160 industries.

Reports 14 ratios for more than 800 SIC categories.

This source includes RMA Annual Statements. To access them, see thoe and other important ratios, see the "Key Statistics" tab on the individual industry reports.

RMA Annual Statements are also included in One Source. 

See a short video on using these resources to find ratios:

Morningstar is an investment resource offering detailed data and proprietary analysis for individual stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Useful for consumer-end investment research, and valued for proprietary rankings, ratings, and analysis on 3,500 common individual stocks and 101 industries. About 135 stocks are analyzed each week. Use "Stock Screenings" option to find stocks based on your criteria.This resource is limited to 3 simultaneous online users; if you receive an error message, try later or contact a librarian

Standard & Poor's Stock Reports are the industry standard in equity analysis, covering over 4,000 publicly traded companies listed on the New York, American, NASDAQ and regional stock exchanges. Stock Reports include S&P 's price-volume chart, statistical measures, and fundamental analytics.


Commodities, Currencies, and Bonds

The best single source for data on commodities pricing, currency exchange, and more, is the Wall Street Journal.

To access this data, hover over the "Markets" tab on the homepage, and select "Market Data." 

(Note: SMC does not have full access to the content on, but we do have all articles published in the Wall Street Journal in print daily in the Library and online via our ABI/Inform databas. See "Business Newspapers" section on this page.)


Morningstar Direct

The Library provides access to the Morningstar Direct data and analysis tool online: 

Please contact a librarian for log-in credentials.

Areas that are greyed out on the dashboard are not yet available via the Morningstar Direct Cloud platform and can only be used on the software in the library. Contact a librarian for assistance in these areas. 

Be sure to see the Marketing subpage of this Subject Guide for more direction



Mintel reports analyze market sizes and trends, market segmentation, and consumer attitudes and purchasing habits, as well as assessing the future of the market. Important note:The Mintel resource requires you to create your own individual log-in. You must create a log-in yourself before your first use. The log-in does not need to be your SMC email, but of course can be. Continue to use that log-in each time you use the resource.

From Euromonitor, this resources features news and analysis on various product, service, and supply industries. Includes detailed consumer data for the US and 205 other countries.

For consumer data, detailed data-- such as consumer behavior, consumer expenditures, and media use-- is available from the EASI Market Planner. (access under "Browse by Subject" - "EASI Analytics")

New Strategist Press- This series of demographic books is useful for detailed spending breakdowns and consumer demographics. (Available via our subscription to EBSCO eBook Business Collection; search by topic of keyword over all titles.)

Under the Demographics option at the bottom of the landing page, search by place for Nielsen "PRIZM" data


Market Share

Market share for companies and products is not a data point often easily found. For more advice on searching for market share, see this FAQs page:



ProQuest Statistical DataSets is a Web-based research solutions tool that provides fast and easy...


Federal The single gateway to all US Governement's open data

US Bureau of the Census- includes information on the Census Bureau as well as parts of their publications, including graphs and statistics from their many demographic surveys. This includes Latest Economic Indicator, the latest Population Estimates, and Current Industrial Reports. See also our subscription to Statistical Abstract of the United States and Historical statistics of the United States.

  • American FactFinder- An easy search for data from a variety of US Census surveys, including Decennial Census and American Community Survey

Business Statistics of the United States. In print only. Reference Room, call# 330.0182 Un3a

Bureau of Economic Analysis- A great source for U.S. economic data

Bureau of Labor Statistics- This site has connections to many of the Bureau’s databases of labor statistics compiled by the Federal Government. Includes current and historical consumer price indexes.

Cost-of-Living Calculator- Uses the historical Consumer Price Index for urban consumers (CPI-U) to convert dollar values between any two years to adjust for inflation. Has data from 1914 to the present.

State and Local

RAND State Statistics is an online source of 200 data series for all states, and over 150...

California Economic Statistics and Indicators- This site has county profiles and economic indicators (from the state's Department of Finance)

Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)- Projections, highlighting statistics for San Francisco Bay Area cities and counties is published every other year; the most recent report is not available online. Go here for Census 2000 statistics


OffStats- "Official Statistics on the Web." Browse by country, region, or topic. From the University of Auckland Library in New Zealand.

Statistical Sites on the World Wide Web- From the US Department of Labor, both national and international statistical sites. Browse by country.

Albert Search

Search Albert to find books, movies, etc..

Reference and e-Book Collections

This collection includes over 9,400 e-books encompassing a variety of business topics such as...

Business Expert Press's Digital Libraries are filled with practical, concise books covering...

Proquest Ebook Central (formerly Ebrary) is a highly interactive eBook database from ebrary that...


A database of reference encyclopedias and handbooks published by SAGE covering the social...

Provides searchable full-text e-book versions of many reference works, including multi-volume...


Streaming Video Collections

Includes over 640 Business & Economics videos. Topics range from marketing strategy, entrepreneurship, international busines, and much more,

Includes over 1,600 full-length videos, as well as shorter clips in the area of Business & Economics. Topics include business education, business technology, business ethics and law, accounting and taxation, economics, management, and marketing. >

Kanopy is a leading distributor of tertiary educational videos. Titles available in this...

Full online access to The New York Times is now available to the Saint Mary’s College of California community. Once you create an account using your email address, you will have unlimited access to all content on (For more information, see "How Do I Access the New York Times?")


Other key local, state, and national newspapers for business news:



Key business-themed newspapers we have access to include

Please note that at this time, neither Wall Street Journal nor Financial Times have practical subscription models for institutional access. Access to these titles through SMC is limited to our subscription databases. While true to the print content, this access lacks the browsability, as well as some articles, featured on the newspapers' websites. Additionally, online access to Financial Times is embargoed 30 days. Current content to Financial Times is only available via our print subscription available in the Library.

Journals Finder

(See a short tutorial on finding specific articles, including those in the Harvard Business Review on our YouTube channel)


Popular titles to browse:




If we don't have immediate access to an article you need, you can always request it through Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) for electronic delievery in 3-4 business days.

Government Agencies

Search to find reports and documents about issues of international, national, and regional importance from various applicable government agencies.

For more specific searching, trying searching for your interests in Google, and add "site:gov" to your search (without the quotation marks) to limit your results to only those from US government agencies. You can limit to state by adding the state abbreviate, as well (example: "").

screenshot of google search screen



Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

An increasing power on the World's stage is the non-governmental organization. The US alone is home to over 1.5 million NGOs. See the searchable directory to find NGOs on any given topic from WANGO, a leading umbrella organization for NGOs.

World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO)


Also, Duke University offers a customized Google search box that limits keyword and topic searchs to known and verified NGO resources: Duke University Libraries NGO Guide


Research Institutes ("Think Tanks")

"Think tanks" are policy Institutes that research contemporary and important social and economic issues. Often housed by universities or afflicated with political action groups, think tanks are a wealth of great data and analysis, though not without bias. Research the background of think tanks to know more about their positions. 

Below are some of the more well known think tanks related to business and economics:

Brookings Institution

Cato Institute

Conference Board

Heritage Foundation

The Hoover Institution

National Bureau of Economic Research


Public Policy Institute of California

Also see the comprehensive guide to think tanks from the Library of Harvard's Kennedy School. Use the customized Google search they developed to search for your topic in hundreds of known think tanks.

To find organizations specific to your interests or career aspirations, search Google for " <area of interest > professional association." For example:

google screen shot


google screen capture

Students in SEBA programs have a wealth of career services available. Be sure to check in with Undergraduate Career Services and Graduate Career Services.

The Library databases and resources are also useful for career development. Top suggestions include

  • Career Subject Guide: Print career guides are available on the first floor just inside the front doors. But don't miss all of the great e-books. This subject guide provides links to find those sources less "visible" on the physical shelves.
  • Useful for industry research, a particularly useful feature is the "Call Prep Questions." These are sample topics that help prepare for interviews, both as questions you can expect to be asked or questions you can ask of potential employers. 
  • A great resources to investigate companies beyond the corporate website and glossy annual reports. US public and private companies, as well as international companies, include at least basic available data. Larger companies also include some qualitative information, such as SWOT analysis and technologies in use.
  • And join a Professional or Trade association! (see section above)


The accepted format for citing sources in the social sciences is the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA) at Saint Mary’s College, too, emphasizes the use of APA in SEBA course work. For help citing sources use the Library's APA Format Guide

APA Style Guide for Business - A supplement to the regular APA Style Guide highlighting common, hard to cite data-focused resources.

The full manual is available in the Library.


Other helpful resources

See our short animated tutorials on APA citation on our YouTube channel.


Writing Assistance

Questions about grammar and structure? Don't forget to refer back to your ENGL 3, 4 and 5 writing manuals. We have a couple of copies on Reserve if you need to quickly refer back to rules on commas, noun/pronoun agreement, structuring your paper, or other issues.


The Writing Center

Having trouble putting it all together? The SMC Center for Writing Across the Curriculum (or, "The Writing Center") offers peer-to-peer advising sessions for both undergraduate and graduate students. You can call or stop by to make an appointment, or can also drop in and do a session immediately, if an adviser is available. See their website for more information, or stop by 1st floor De La Salle, or call them at 925.631.4684