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From the Saint Mary's College of California Catalog of Courses:

"Since 1941 the Collegiate Seminar program has played a key role in the undergraduate academic experience at Saint Mary's College. In introducing students to the great writings that have shaped the thought and imagination of the western world, the program aims to develop in students skills of analysis, critical thinking, interpretation and communication that will help them read and discuss significant works with increased understanding and enjoyment...
The Collegiate Seminar program involves all undergraduate students and faculty throughout the Schools and academic departments of the College...

Classes meet around a seminar table in small groups so that each person can participate actively in the discussion...
Through engagement in discussion and writing, students are encouraged to read actively, to think critically, to listen well, to converse in a spirit of cooperation, and to reflect upon and refine their ideas and opinions, developing skills they can use throughout their lives."

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The required editions of Seminar readings, including readers, are available for 2-hour check-out.  See the Circulation Desk for available copies

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