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These Subject Guides will be retired in December. You can start using the Research Guide for Collegiate Seminar now. This page will no longer be updated. 

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Print copies of Seminar texts in the Library

The required editions of Seminar readings, including readers, are available for 2-hour check-out.  See the Service Desk for available copies or search below by instructor or course number:

Course Reserves

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Search tip: Under course name, enter the department and course number: SEM 001, for example.

For online editions of texts: Click the "Electronic Reserves Items" link to also see the texts that are available online. It looks like this: e-reserves screenshot

The password to access e-reserves items is the course department and course number, with no spaces (e.g., sem001).

Browse all Seminar texts in the Library: Course Reserves for All Collegiate Seminar Courses.

Or search by title to see what other versions of a book are in the Library:

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