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American Immigrant Cultures: Builders of a Nation. (Ref 305.8 L5782c). New York : Simon & Schuster Macmillan, 1997

The Ashgate Research Companion to Multiculturalism. Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2010. 

Encyclopedia of American Immigration. (Ref 325.73 C490). Armonk, N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe, 2001

Encyclopedia of Race and Ethnic Studies. (Ref 305.8 C268e) New York: Routledge, 2004

Encyclopedia of Racism in the United States (Ref 305.8 M660). Wesport, CT: Greenwood, 2005.

Provides searchable full-text e-book versions of many reference works, including multi-volume...

- includes:

- includes:

Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups. (2nd floor 973.04 T343) Cambridge, MA: Belknap, 1980.

The New Americans: A Guide to Immigration Since 1965. (Ref 325.73 W317). Cambridge, MA: Harvard University, 2007

The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination. (Ref 303.385 C441) Westport, CT: Praeger, 2004.

The SAGE Handbook of Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination. London: SAGE, 2010

- includes:

Voices of Multicultural America: Notable Speeches Delivered by African, Asian, Hispanic, and Native Americans, 1790-1995. (Ref 815.08 St82) New York: Gale, 1996.


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Primary Sources (photographs, diaries, letters)

American Memory Project - From the Library of Congress. Includes collections of photographs, documents and other primary sources some related to the experience of American ethnic groups.

Calisphere - From the University of California. Fantastic site form all kinds of primary sources relating to the ethnic experience in California.


Other Websites

Ellis Island: The American Familily Immigration History Center - Devoted to the history of immigration in the United States. Search passenger lists or read accounts of immigrants.

Multicultural Pavilion - This site has links for conferences, photos, art, and resources for the Web related to multicultural education.

Reference Sources

- Includes

Africa and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History: A Multidisciplinary Encyclopedia. (Ref. 960.03 J870) Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2008.

Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African-American Experience. (Ref 305.896 Ap49) New York: Basic Civitas, 1999.

African American National Biography. (Ref 920.073 G223) New York: Oxford University Press, 2008

Black Women in America. (Ref 305.409 H588a) New York: Oxford University, 2005.

Distinguished African American Scientists of the 20th Century. (Ref 925 k485) Phoenix, AZ: Oryx, 1996.

An Encyclopedia of African American Christian Heritage. (Ref. 200.973 M228)  Valley Forge, PA: Judson Press, 2002.

Encyclopedia of African and African-American Religions. (Ref 200.973 G46) New York: Routledge, 2001.

Encyclopedia of Black Studies. (Ref 305.896 As13e) Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE, 2005.

Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance. (Ref 810.9896 W738r) New York: Routledge, 2004.


The Greenwood Encyclopedia of African American Folklore. (Ref 398.03 P884) Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2006.

The Oxford Companion to African American Literature. (Ref 810.3 An27) New York: Oxford University, 1997.


Praeger Handbook of Black American Health: Policies and Issues Behind Disparities in Health. (Ref 362.1 L762a), Westport, CT, Praeger, 2004.


Web Sites

Umbra Search: African American History - From the University of Minnesota Libraries. Includes " 400,000 digitized archival materials documenting African American history from more than 1,000 libraries, archives, and cultural heritage institutions across the United States. "

African American Archaeology, History and Cultures - Resources for the African American past, and excavations done in Africa.

African American History - Select "African Americans" from the menu. This site spans the history of African Americans from the Revolutionary War to the present. It includes such sites as Black Indians/Black West Website, and Black History on the Web, biographies of Malcolm X and other historical and civil rights leaders.

In Motion: African American Migration Experience - "Of the thirteen defining migrations that formed and transformed African America, only the transatlantic slave trade and the domestic slave trades were coerced, the eleven others were voluntary movements of resourceful and creative men and women, risk-takers in an exploitative and hostile environment."

African American Mosaic - Full text coverage from the Library of Congress of African-American Mosaic, which is a study of Black History and Culture

African American Studies - From Howard University, a wonderful resource for students. Links for affirmative action, diaspora, civil rights, and communications, are just some of the topics indicated

Boston African Americana Project - Digitized broadsides, pamphlets, portraits and more.

Civil Rights Digital Library - "The Civil Rights Digital Library Initiative represents one of the most ambitious and comprehensive efforts to date to deliver educational content on the Civil Rights Movement via the Web."  A remarkably rich source of documents photos and more.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Project - An excellent collection of information on Martin Luther King. From Stanford University.

NCES: Status and Trends in the Education of Blacks - from the National Center for Education Statistics.


Reference Sources

Asian American Children : a Historical Handbook and Guide. (Ref 305.23 T613) Westport, CT : Greenwood , 2004.

Asian American History and Culture: An Encyclopedia. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 2010.

Asian American Playwrights : A Bio-bibliographical Critical Sourcebook (Ref 812.509 L740) Westport, CT : Greenwood, 2002.

Asian American Short Story Writers: an A-to-Z guide. (Ref 810.9895 H860) Westport, CT : Greenwood , 2003.

The Columbia Documentary History of the Asian American Experience. (Ref 973.0495 Od5) New York: Columbia University Press, 2002

Distinguished Asian Americans : a Biographical Dictionary. (Ref 920.073 K560) Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1999.

Encyclopedia of Asian American Issues Today. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Greenwood, 2010.

Web Sites

Asian American Studies - From UCLA, news, publications, and other scholarly information about the Asian community.

California Japantowns - A look at the historical aspect of "Japantowns" which include stories from those who helped to build them.

Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project - "Densho's mission is to preserve the testimonies of Japanese Americans who were unjustly incarcerated during World War II before their memories are extinguished."  Includes inteviews and histories of people encarcerated during the war.

JARDA: Japanese American Relocation Digital Archives - From the University of California. Part of Calisphere. Includes many primary sources (letters, photographs) from the Japanese American Relocation during World War II.

Korean American Digital Archive - A virtual library for the Korean American community during the period of Japanese rule in Korea, 1903-65. Includes 13,000 pages of documents, plus photographs and oral histories. Searchable.

SEEAdoc: Documenting the Southeast Asian American Experience - From UC Irvine's Southeast Asian Archives, Focusing on post-1975 refugees and immigrants from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam and the communities they have developed in the United States. It contains 1,500 visual images and 4,000 pages of searchable text selected from the Archive

War Relocation Authority Photographs of Japanese-American Evacuation and Resettlement, 1942-1945 - Approximately 600 photographs and slides of the internment of the Japanese during World War II in California, Oregon and Washington from the Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley. This site can take a long time to load!

Reference Sources

Atlas of Hispanic-American History. (Ref 305.86 Oc3) New York: Facts on File, 2001.

Dictionary of Chicano Folklore. (Ref 398.03 C279) Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2000

Dictionary of Latino Civil Rights History. (Ref 323.1109 R710) Houston, TX: Arte Público, 2006

Encyclopedia Latina: History, Culture, and Society in the United States. (Ref 305.86 St29) Danbury, CT: Grolier Academic Reference, 2005

Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture. (Ref 305.86 C160) Westport, CT : Greenwood, 2004.


Contemporary Hispanic Biography

Hispanic Literature of the United States: A Comprehensive Reference. (Ref 810.986 K131h) Westport, CT : Greenwood Press, 2003

Latinas in the United States: A Historical Encyclopedia. (Ref 920.72 R859) Bloomington, IN: Indiana University, 2006

Latino Athletes. (Ref 796.0922 F914) New York: Facts on File, 2007.

Latino History and Culture: An Encyclopedia Armonk, NY: Sharpe Reference, 2010.

Latino Issues: A Reference Handbook. Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, 2011.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in the United States.  New York : Oxford University Press, 2005.

Praeger Handbook of Latino Education in the U.S. (Ref 371.97 So78) Westport CT: Praeger, 2007.

U.S. Latino Issues. (Ref 305.86 Ac93i) Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2003

Web Sites

LANIC: Hispanic/Latino. From the University of Texas. Links to a number of websites on hispanic/latino culture and society in the U.S.

Pew Hispanic Center - From USC, a nonpartisan research "think tank" specializing in US Latinos. Find the Center's research, current news articles, and links to other institution

Reference Sources

American Indian Biographies. (Ref 970.1 M342c) Pasadena, CA: Salem Press, 2005

American Indian Religious Traditions: An Encyclopedia. (Ref 299.7 C859) Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2005

Atlas of Indian Nations. Washington, DC: National Geographic Books, 2013.

The Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996-2000

Companion to the Anthropology of American Indians. Malden, MA : Blackwell, 2004.

Encyclopedia of Native American Issues Today. Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood, 2013

Gale Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes. (Ref 970.1 M295) Detroit, MI: Gale, 1998.


Handbook of North American Indians. (Ref 970.1 St97) Washington, DC: Smithsonian, 1978-

Native American Almanac: More than 50,000 Years of the Cultures and Histories of Indigenous Peoples.  Canton, MI: Visible Ink, 2016.

Native American Literatures: An Encyclopedia of Works, Characters, Authors, and Themes. (Ref 810.9897 W617) Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 1999

Native Americans. (Ref 970.1 G884) Washington, DC: CQ Press, 2002

Native Americans in Sports. (Ref 796.0922 K580) Armonk, NY: Sharpe Reference, 2004

Shapers of the Great Debate on Native Americans--Land, Spirit, and Power: A Biographical Dictionary. (Ref 970.1 J599s) Westport, CT: Greenwood , 2000

Tiller's Guide to Indian Country: Economic profiles of American Indian Reservations. (Ref 970.1 T463a) Albuquerque, NM: BowArrow, 2005

Web Sites

Calisphere California Cultures: Native Americans - Focused on Native Californians and their history. Includes images and documents.

History: Native American - From the University of Washington Libraries. Lists primary sources for the study of Native American history.

Indigenous Law Portalbrings together free primary source law documents from the Law Library of Congress and from nearly 340 tribes in Indian country.

Indigenous World Yearbooks - Documents the situations of indigenous peoples worldwide.

Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project - Provides access to the Constitutions, Tribal Codes, and other legal documents. Compiled by the University of Oklahoma Law Library and the National Indian Law Library of the Native American Rights Fund.

National Museum of the American Indian - From the Smithsonian Institution.

Native American Sites - Lisa Mitten, the Social Sciences Subject Editor for Choice Magazine, has organized some sites on Native Americans and Nations. This includes cultural information on current musicians and artists, business resource links, as well as links to specific tribes and nations. There are also electronic journals and newspapers linked to the page.

NativeWeb - This is a great site to get general information on Native Americans, plus information on what is going on in the American Indian community now. This site includes statistical sites, and is not limited to American Native peoples, but other Aboriginal cultures around the globe.





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