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Subject Guides

In-Depth Profiles, Histories, and Financials

Comprehensive financial information for over 14,000 U.S. public companies (active and inactive) listed on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ exchanges, and 27,000 non-U.S. companies.

Use for

  • in-depth public company data
  • supply chain information (see Horizon tab)

This database is inaccessible until further notice.
(formerly Avention's OneSource).

Use for

  • More in-depth anaylis of  both public and private, US-based and internatioanl companies (SWOT analyses, Technologies in Use notes, and CRUSH reports)
  • to create lists of companies by various segment filters
  • if Mergent doesn't have financial data on a specific large private companies, try this source

Includes brief company profiles for over 10,500 companies, plus detailed stock reports and vital financial statistics for over 4,000 publicly traded companies.

(follow the "Search by Content" option, and select "Company Profiles," or "Dossier.")

Access to data, industry news, and more for private and public U.S and international businesses. Includes data from Hoover's Company Profiles and Dun & Bradstreet's private company database.

Use for

  • basic public company data
  • private company data 
  • easy access to related industry reports (connects to First Research; you may need to enter your SMC email to access)

International Directory of Company Histories: Narratives detailing companies' histories, from inception to modern operations.

EDGAR: Repository of registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms submitted to the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission. (Data also available via Mergent sources.)


Directories and Brief Entires

See "U.S. Businesses / Employers USA" for brief information. Useful for searching for businesses that meet specific criteria, i.e., geographic area, business size, and industry.


Non-profit Organizations

Guide Star: One of the most recognized resources for researching nonprofit organizations. Create a free profile to access full records and the most comprehensive data available. Includes Form 990s and proprietary ratings.

National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS): Another free resource collecting non-profit organizations tax records. (Form 990s ARE available)

Charity Navigator: Another resource for investigating non-profits. Includes Form 990s and their own rating system.


Surveys, Analysis, and Data

Top quality industry market research, industry risk ratings, company research, global industry research, and economic and demographic data.

Data, information, and analysis on more than 600 Industry Segments. Also includes "Call Prep Questions" to help research industry trends and concerns. (IMPORTANT NOTE: You may encounter many prompts before being able to use the resource. Select "Continue" and "Select" when prompted. If you are asked for your email, use your SMC email.)

This database is inaccessible until further notice.
 This source includes many recognized industry surveys, such as Freedonia, MarketLine, STAT-USA, and Emerging Markets Direct. Also included are the RMA Annual Statements.

Includes popularIndustry Surveys for over 55 top industries, as well as "Sub-Industry Reports" for other more specific products and services.

Features news and analysis on various product, service, and supply industries. Includes detailed consumer data for the US and 205 other countries.

Mintel reports analyze market sizes and trends, market segmentation, and consumer attitudes and purchasing habits, as well as assessing the future of the market. (Users need to create a login before using for the first time)

In-depth market analysis and industry statistics on nearly 30 of the top industries.


Lexis-Nexis includes news, surveys, and forecasts from a variety of sources. To access, select the "Companies" link, and then choose "Company Dossier." View the "Industry" tab and enter an SIC code or key term (or browse the industry hierarchy).

Use to track stock returns for the last 5 day, year, and 5 years in a given industry. (see "Industries" under the "Markets" heading)


Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios. In print only. Reference Room, call # 338 T759. Includes 22 financial and operating ratios for over 160 industries.

Reports 14 ratios for more than 800 SIC categories.

This source includes RMA Annual Statements. To access them, see thoe and other important ratios, see the "Key Statistics" tab on the individual industry reports.

This database is inaccessible until further notice.
RMA Annual Statements are also included in One Source. 

See a short video on using these resources to find ratios: