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Language study resources for students of German:

German : biography of a language (430.9 Sa56)

A practical review of German grammar (438.2 D625)

501 German verbs fully conjugated in all the tenses (Ref 438.2 St89)

German in review (438.2 Sp26)

English grammar for students of German : the study guide for those learning German (435 Z76)

Kenntnisse: an advanced German course  (online in ebrary)

Reading German: a course book and reference grammar (435 C679)

Topics, questions, keywords: a handbook for students of German (online in ebrary)

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German language
German language -- Textbooks
German language -- Readers
German language -- Business German
German language -- Grammar

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Going places and buying things, the German way (DVD S1049)

Guten tag! and then what? (DVD S1050)

Challenges of German pronunciation (DVD S1080)

On the Web

DW: learn German

Start here:

The Oxford-Duden German dictionary : German-English/English-German (Ref 433.2 Sch64)

Deutsches Wörterbuch (Ref 433 W129a)

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German language -- Dictionaries

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Cambridge history of German literature (830.9 online in Cambridge Histories Online)

Encyclopedia of German literature (Ref 830.9 Sa18)

A new history of German literature (830.9 W458)

Oxford companion to German literature (Ref 830.3 G183 1997)

Modern German literature (830.9 M661)

A companion to German literature: from 1500 to the present (830.9 Sa18)

German literature: a very short introduction


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These numbers can be subdivided chronologically

.1 (To 1099)
.2 (1100-1349)
.3 (1350-1517)
.4 (1517-1625)
.5 (1625-1749)
.6 (1750-1832)
.7 (1832-1856)
.8 (1856-1899)
.91 (1900-1990)
.92 (1990- )



Texts in German

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Texts online

Online access to more than 150,000 full-text works including poetry, short fiction, novels, essays, plays, and speeches; more than 800,000 additional citations for poetical works published in collections. LitFinder also includes biographical essays, topic overviews, work overviews, photographs, and a glossary. More than 80,000 authors are represented, from hundreds of nationalities and genres.

Index to poetry in anthologies, including full-text and excerpts of poems

Encyclopedia of contemporary German culture (to be ordered?)

Business travel in Germany (914.30488 online in ebrary)

Berlin / David Clay Large (943.155 L323)

Germany, Franken in Bavaria (online video in VAST Academic Video Online)


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Germany -- Guidebooks
Germany -- Description and travel
Germany -- Civilization -- 21st century
Germany -- Social life and customs

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Paperball: This site enables you to search a host of online German newspapers. The sources are listed alphabetically according to city and region.

Brigitte: This German magazine has some similarities to Cosmopolitan and features articles on fashion, women's health and fitness, work, travel, and culture.

Bunte: This German magazine is similar in format to Life or People in its focus on popular culture and international celebrities.

Financial Times Deutschland: As the name denotes, this is the German version of the well-known financial newspaper. It has all the market data one would expect and relevant world news reports (ceased in 2012).

Focus: This German news magazine is now considered by some readers to be as important as Der Spiegel.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: This has been a major daily newspaper in Germany since the beginning of the 20th century. It was even "tolerated" by the Hitler regime until well into the war. The FAZ caused a major controversy when it protested the Rechtschreibreform and went back in August 2000 to the old spelling and punctuation conventions. However, the online version now adheres to the new conventions.

Handelsblatt: Published in Düsseldorf, this is Germany's business daily. The interactive home page has several complimentary search features, which enable you to follow the progress of Germany's DAX Exchange and obtain quotes and headlines on German stocks and major European companies. More involved financial analyses are available for a fee.

Die Presse (Wien): This is a daily newspaper for Vienna.

Profil: This is Austria's equivalent to Germany's news magazineDer Spiegel.

Der Spiegel: This has been the main news magazine in Germany since the postwar period. You can find the hard copy in the current periodical section of our library and bound back issues in the periodical stacks.

Der Standard: This is an Austrian newspaper with a leftist tendency.

Stern: Stern-Magazin features articles on the latest developments in Germany and the world.

Süddeutsche Zeitung: Based in Munich, this is the major newspaper for Southern Germany and is read nationally.

Die Tageszeitung: This is a popular daily newspaper in Berlin.

Die Welt Online: This is a sophisticated Hamburg-based newspaper with a national readership.

Die Zeit: This weekly originates in Hamburg and is distributed worldwide. It features in-depth analyses of current political, economic, and cultural topics. You can find the latest hard copy and back issues in the newspaper section of our library.

Zitty Online This on-line version of Berlin's Zitty magazine provides an excellent overview of films, exhibitions, plays, concerts, and other cultural events taking place in Berlin.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung: This is one of Switzlerland's most important German-language newspapers.