Government Documents

Full-text documents and reports from various governmental bodies, agencies, and departments. Many of these reports are timely and offer insight into policies of controversial topics.

Subject Guides

California Legislative Analyst's Office and other California government offices, publishes frequent reports.

California Research Bureau - From the California State Library, 'research, policy assistance through written reports and other documents, consultations, seminars, and other training and assistance in preparing legislative proposals...'

California Senate Office of Research - Selective full text documents in a wide variety of subjects: reproductive rights, energy crisis, homelessness, and education issues. Reports go back to 1990, but not all are in full text. TheLinks section offers a directory of more policy issues on the Web.

Fed - From the Department of Commerce, a searchable site for scientific and technical publications from all government agencies.

GPO Access - From the Government Printing Office (GPO), the 'official Federal Government Information at your fingertips.' Full text of many government publications and reports, including Congressional RecordFederal Register,Government Manual, and the United States Code.

Open CRS - Clearinghouse of many Congressional Research (CRS) reports. Subjects, as expected, are political in nature, and often discuss global issues.

Central Intelligence Agency - Electronic Document Release Center - Full-text government documents ranging from the Bay of Pigs to UFO's.

Documents in the News - from the University of Michigan Government Documents Center. 1995 to the present.

Federal Trade Commission - Full text documents include Marketing of Violent Entertainment to Children. Available in PDF format. Browse reports year by year.

National Security Archive - Full-text government documents released by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). You'll find many reports on the Middle East, past presidents, and the Cold War. From George Washington University.

State Department - Full text of reports including Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. Browse for reports in international issues.

Surgeon General Reports on a variety of issues, such as Physical Activity and HealthYouth Violence, and Children's Mental Health.

U.S. Government Documents Ready Reference Collection - Arranged by category, this is a great collection of available government documents. Categories include Environment, Health, Energy, and Business and Economics. Some sources are accessible only to Columbia students.

Great Debates in American History. (Ref 973.08 M616a) 3 vols. Metuchen, NJ: Mini-Print, 1970.

Historic Documents. (Ref 909.82 C760) Washington DC: Congressional Quarterly, Annual from 1980.

Historical List of Policy Documents - A 'list of nearly all key national security policy documents issued from the Kennedy through the (first) Bush Administration.' From the National Security Council.