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Language study resources for students of Japanese:

Japanese (495.6 online in ebrary)

Making sense of Japanese grammar (495.6 online in ebrary)

Business Japanese (495.68 Az85)

501 Japanese verbs: fully described in all inflections, moods, aspects, and formality levels (Ref  495.682 L260)


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Japanese language

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The Kanji dictionary = Kan-Ei jukugo jiten (Ref  495.6 Sp14)

The modern original reader's Japanese-English character dictionary = Saishin Kan-Ei jiten (Ref  495.632 N331)

Kodansha's romanized Japanese-English dictionary (Ref  495.632 V277)

Kodansha's furigana English-Japanese dictionary : the essential dictionary for all students of Japanese (Ref  495.632 Y83)

The modern English-Nihongo dictionary (495.63 T150)


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Japanese language -- Dictionaries

English language -- Dictionaries -- Japanese

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The Cambridge history of Japanese literature

A history of Japanese literature : from the Man'yōshū to modern times (895.609 K156)

A reader's guide to Japanese literature (895.609 R463a)

The Columbia anthology of modern Japanese literature (895.608 R463)

The Columbia Companion to modern East Asian literature (895.6 online in ebrary)

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Texts online

Online access to more than 150,000 full-text works including poetry, short fiction, novels, essays, plays, and speeches; more than 800,000 additional citations for poetical works published in collections. LitFinder also includes biographical essays, topic overviews, work overviews, photographs, and a glossary. More than 80,000 authors are represented, from hundreds of nationalities and genres.

Index to poetry in anthologies, including full-text and excerpts of poems

Routledge handbook of Japanese culture and society (952.05 online in ebrary)

Cambridge companion to modern Japanese culture (915.2034 Su35c)

Japanese culture (952 online in ebrary)

Japan: Kyoto & Western Honshu Island [videorecording] (DVD 719)

Japan encyclopedia (Ref 952.003 L929)


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