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Includes Countries of the World and their Leaders Yearbook

Background Notes - Country Information - U.S. Department of State background notes, arranged by country.

CIA World Factbook

Elections Around the World: Wiki provides a comprehensive and detailed anaylses of recent elections. Now a part of Wikipedia.

Electronic Embassy provides links to staff and resources for the DC embassy community. For a directory of embassies worldwide use U S Embassy.gov.

Statesman's Yearbook - Annual.  Online ebook.

World Government Data - Compiled by the Guardian (UK), a metasearch of governmental data from multiple countries, with downloadable data sets.

Constitutions, Treaties and Official Declarations Around the World - An alphabetical listing of approximately 140 countries, with links to their constitutions, and other links if available to treaties.

Americas Program - Policy briefs and analysis from the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Includes information on migration, sustainable development, and trade.

Handbook of Latin American Studies (HLAS) - Searchable by subject. 

Includes Encyclopedia of Political Communication

Includes International Encyclopedia of Political Science, and Encyclopedia of Political Theory

In depth essays on a variety of social science issues, as well as theories.

Includes Countries of the World and their Leaders, Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy, and Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations

Demographic Yearbook - An annual statistical yearbook from the United Nations.

Statistical Abstract of Latin America (Ref 318 St29) Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Center, Annual.

Program for Public Consultation (PPC) - "The Program for Public Consultation (PPC) seeks to improve democratic governance by consulting the citizenry on the key public policy issues their government faces."

U.S. State Department

World Public Opinion - An online journal from PPC.

Council on Foreign Relations - A nonpartisan site that offers selections organized by region, and by subject. Some policy areas covered include economics, peace and conflict, terrorism, media and public opinion.

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) - A bipartisan site which offers analysis of current and global issues such as national and international security, global developments and international trade and finance.

Doctors Without Borders

Foreign Affairs Online - An organized directory from the University of Virginia.

Foreign Relations of the United States - Selected issues of the series of the same name, this site includes issues from before 1976 only. The University of Wisconsin is working on digital project that includes 375 volumes from 1861 until 1960.

Yearbook of the United Nations - from the United Nations site.

EurActiv Portal - POLIS has integrated into this site, which provides news, typical positions in European politics, and forums.

Europa - European Union homepage. Policies, basic information about the organization, press releases and other institutions within the organization. Includes the following two sites:

Eurostat (Statistical Office of the European Communities)

Treaty on European Union - Full text of the document.

United Nations - Documents, news and much more. Within this site you can find:

United Nations Documentation: Research Guide - Overview of the various types of documents and publications issued by the UN, and how to use them.
News Centre - available in 6 of the official languages of the UN. Search engine uses British spellings of words!
Women Watch - which focuses on UN entities dealing with the "advancement and empowerment of women..."

United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law - Hundreds of streaming videos on international law topics.

United Nations System: A Reference Handbook (Ref 341.23 AL35) Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2005.

International Relations and Security Network (ISN) - Based at the Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research in Zurich and supported by the Swiss government as part of the NATO Partnership for Peace. Dedicated to promoting the flow of unclassified information in the fields of international relations and security affairs.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) - Includes current news and a directory of organizational speeches. From this page, you can also access the following:

NATO Basic Documents and Publications - Includes news articles, NATO Handbook, NATO Review and fact sheets.
NATO Newsroom - Press releases, speeches, video, and an archive.

Includes Encyclopedia of Human Rights

Includes Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity, Human Rights Encyclopedia, Terrorism: Essential Primary Sources, Government, Politics, and Protest: Essential Primary Sources, and Human and Civil Rights: Essential Primary Sources

War Crimes and Justice: A Reference Handbook. (Ref 341.69 B210) Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2002.

Women and International Human Rights Law. (Ref 305.42 As48) 3 vols. Ardsley, NY: Transational, 1999-

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - Full text report from the State Department. You can access the most recent report, or go back through the archive beginning in 1999.

Freedom House.org - A non-profit, non partisan group focusing on human rights advocacy and analysis.

Human Rights Documentation Initiative - "a project of the University of Texas Libraries to make the record of human rights violations, especially genocide, available online."

Human Rights Library - From the University of Minnesota, a collection of documents from many large bodies, such as the United Nations, European Commission on Human Rights, etc.

Human Rights Watch - News and information from this organization, plus annual world reports, accessible by country name.

Leave None to Tell the Story: Genocide in Rwanda - Report dated April, 2004. From Human Rights Watch.

The Torture Archive - Over 83,000 pages from the National Security Archive at George Washington University. Includes legal documents from the US and foreign courts, information on practices of US military and intelligence sources, the complete Combatant Status Review Tribunal and the ARB files from the Pentagon. Searchable.

Annotated bibliography of Government Documents Related to the Threat of Terrorism and the Attacks of September 11, 2001- An annotated linkable bibliography of around 250 federal government publications from the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

United States Institute of Peace- A nonpartisan federal site, organized "to promote the prevention, management, and peaceful resolution of the international conflicts". News updates, special reports, briefings are included.

The Literature Review: A Research Journey - An overview of the literature review iterative process. This particular guide has an educational focus, but a literature review for any discipline has similar steps and processes. From the Harvard Library.

Literature Reviews: An Overview for Graduate Students - This 9-1/2 minute video explains what a literature review is, and why it is important for graduate student research. From North Carolina State University.

Oxford Index (Oxford Bibliographies) - Find scholarly research, including scholarly bibliographies on a variety of subjects. SMC does not have a subscription to this database, but Oxford does allow browsing of the contents. Let a librarian know if would like to locate something from within this database. Ask Us!

Boolean Searching - A brief (less than 2 minutes) video explaining boolean searching for your database searches. This is one of many short videos from the Library's YouTube channel. From SMC Library.

Locating Experts in your Research - A help guide on how to do this from SMC Library. [pdf file]

Primary and Secondary Sources - A chart that looks at the differences between primary and secondary sources for the humanities and social sciences. From SMC Library. [pdf file]

Chicago Manual of Style Online. Also available in print in the reference room (Ref 808.02 Un3e)

Chicago Manual of Style (Author-Date) - a quick guide from the SMC Library

Quick Guide to Chicago Style from the Chicago manual publishers. Scroll down to the Author/Date tab, and select that for a list of examples of citation.

A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers (Ref 808.02 T840c) 8th ed., Chicago: University of Chicago, 2013.


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