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The Test Collection contains educational and psychological tests for use by SMC faculty and authorized students. It is intended to support the teaching and learning process of students enrolled in courses that require the use of the tests.

The Test Collection is restricted to authorized borrowers only. In order to be eligible to borrow tests and assessments, students must be currently enrolled in a course requiring the use of tests and assessments and must have their name submitted to the library by the course instructor indicating authorization to borrow tests and assessments.

It is the responsibility of faculty to instruct students in the appropriate and ethical use of test materials including test security and copyright restrictions. The collection development policy for the Test Collection can be found here

The Test Collection is housed at the Saint Albert Library at the Access Services Desk (to the left of the library entrance).

List of Tests and Assessments:

  • The General Test Collection [link] is available to students enrolled in COUN 240, EDUC 541, SPED 299 and students of the School Psychology Program.

  • The School Psych Collection [link] is available only to students enrolled in the School Psychology Program who are also enrolled in either COUN 290, COUN 291, or COUN 292

  • You may search for the title of the specific test you are looking for with the Albert Catalog

How do I check out a Test Kit?

  • Once you have located the specific test kit you are looking for, find the SMC Call #

library catalog record for test kit

  • Head to the Access Services desk and let the circulation worker know which SMC call # you are interested in

Test Kit Policy:

  • Authorized borrowers may check out two tests at a time

  • Test kits may be checked out for seven days. Due to high demand, test kits are not available for renewal and can not be placed on hold

  • Authorized borrowers with overdue tests and assessments will be blocked from checking out any other library materials.

  • Overdue Test kits will be marked lost. Borrowers will be billed the replacement cost of the test, plus a $20.00 processing fee as for all lost materials.

Returning Test Kits:

  • When returning a test kit, a circulation worker must check in every portion of the kit. This can take up to 10 or 15 minutes. The authorized borrower must remain until the test kit is completely checked in. If the authorized borrower leaves the area before the test kit is completely checked in, the test kit will not be checked in and late fees will apply.

In order to be eligible to borrow tests and assessments, undergraduate and graduate students must be currently enrolled in a course requiring the use of tests and assessments and must have their name submitted to the library by the course instructor indicating authorization to borrow tests and assessments.

Each semester, instructors can submit a completed Test Kit Authorization Form for each class section that needs access to the Test Collection. The easiest way is to copy and paste your roster.

For students who are added late to the roster, have your instructor email the Education Librarian directly to authorize the student. Alternatively, a faculty member may visit the Education Librarian to arrange access for an individual student, but a paper trail (such as an email) will be required. Students who are not listed on the Test Access Form for their respective section may not utilize the test kit collection.


Mental Measurements Yearbook (EBSCO)  

  • Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) is a comprehensive guide to over 2,700 tests in psychology, education, business, and leadership.
  • Coverage is from 1938 to the present.
  • Access MMY here or go to the ‘A-Z Databases’ list, and use the ‘Education’ drop down to find it.

Follow the links below to view sample searches. You will be asked to login with your Saint Mary’s login and password.

  • WAIS-IV: Search for test by name.

  • Advanced Search by "Test Category"
    1. Choose Advanced Search
    2. Scroll down to desired "Test Category"
    3. In search boxes, type age level or other qualifier.
    4. This example: child* and emotional development

For complete content see Mental Measurements Yearbooks (Ref 371.26 B937) and Tests in Print (Ref 371.26 B937t).


Buros Institute on Mental Measures: Note that these test reviews are evaluations of the tests, not the actual tests themselves. Find the review for the test you are looking for, and then order the review through Interlibrary Loan.

Review information (including validity & reliability) about specific tests or assessments can also be found in scholarly research articles. The most useful databases to find these types of articles are: ERIC, PsycInfo, and Dissertation and Theses


The key reference resources for testing materials in education, counseling and psychology are:

Tests in Print (Ref 371.26 B937t) & Mental Measurements Yearbook (Ref 371.26 B937) Also available online in the

Lists and describes commercially published tests produced or revised in English. Includes critical reviews of tests and references to publications on the tests. Six indexes include title, acronym, classified subject, publishers, names, and score.

Test Critiques. (Ref. 371.26 K523) Kansas City, MO : Test Corporation of America, c1984-

Another source for test reviews and critiques. Use the index at the end of the most recent volume to locate a test critiques in previous volumes.


For general background information about test and assessment concepts, see Online Reference Sources, such as:

Gale Virtual Reference & Sage Knowledge

Also check out our print collection:

Encyclopedia of Social Measurement. (Ref 300.72 K324) 3 vols. Boston: Elsevier Academic, 2005. "Presents a comprehensive summary of observational frameworks and mathematical models, and also offer tools, background information, qualitative methods, and guidelines for structuring the research process. Articles include examples and applications of research strategies and techniques, highlighting multidisciplinary options for observing social phenomena".

Sage Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods. (Ref 300.72 L589) 3 vols. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2004. Encyclopedic coverage of social science research featuring "two major types of entries: definitions, consisting of a paragraph or two, provide a quick explanation of a methodological term; and topica treatments or essays discussing the nature, history, application/example and implication of using a certain method. Also included are suggested readings and references for future study".

Educational Measurement. (Ref 371.26 L649) 3rd ed. Phoenix: Oryx, 1993. Sponsored jointly by the National Council on Measurement in Education and the American Council on Education, this work covers general principles in educational measurement as well as pragmatic applications and test construction.

ETS Test Collection Catalog. (Ref 371.26 Ed83) 5 vols. Phoenix: Oryx, 1986-1991. Vol. I Achievement Tests; Vol. 2 Vocational Tests; Vol. 3. Tests for Special Populations; Vol. 4 (unavailable); Vol. 5 Attitude Tests. Descriptive and ordering information is provided for each test included. The complete ETS Catalog available via the Internet at http://www.ets.org/testcoll/index.html.

Guide to 85 Tests for Special Education. (Ref 371.26 C739) Belmont: Fearon Education, 1990. Includes academic; perception, memory and visual-motor; speech and language; bilingual; gross and fine motor; and general intelligence tests and scales.

Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques. (Ref 371.26 T643a) Newbury Park, CA: Sage, 2001. Covers over 975 instruments arranged by five primary categories: dimensions of interaction within families, intimacy and family values, parenthood, roles and power, and adjustment. Provides information on availability, variables measured and the type of instrument, short descriptions, sample items, comments, and article references and reviews. Includes indexes by authors, title, and subject classification.

Handbook of Multicultural Assessment: Clinical, Psychological, and Educational Applications. (Ref 371.26 Su99) San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1996. Covers general issues of assessment with multicultural populations, as well as specific concerns for educational assessment with diverse learners.

Handbook of Psychological Assessment.  (Ref 155.28 G915c) 5th ed. New York: Wiley, 2009. A reference guide for those conducting psychological assessments. Helps one determine appropriate strategies for assessment (interviewing, observing, testing), as well as provides general overviews of the seven most frequently used tests. Also gives guidelines for psychological report writing and report formats, and provides four sample reports. Helpful appendices and extensive bibliography. Includes subject and author indexes. An older edition can be found at (2nd floor, 153.93 Sp78).

Measures for Clinical Practice: A Sourcebook. (2nd floor, 153.93 F523m) 3rd ed. 2 vols. New York: Free Press, 2000. Collection of short, easily-scored measurements for use with couples, families, children, and adults with problems outside the context of the family. Covers most problems seen in clinical practice, and includes an introduction to basic principles of measurement and an overview of different types of measures.

Sex and Gender Issues: A Handbook of Tests and Measures. (Ref 155.28 B392) New York: Greenwood, 1990. Describes nearly 200 scales covering topics that range from eating disorders to pregnancy and childbirth to sexuality. Gives sample items, variables intended to measure, descriptions, ways to administer, scoring techniques, reliability and validity, availability, and references to research using the scale. Indexes are by scale title, scale authors, variables measured, and scale users.

Test Critiques. (Ref 371.26 K523) 10 vols. Kansas City: Test Corporation of America, 1984-94. Companion volumes to Tests (below). Discusses practical applications and uses of each test, and contains critical reviews.

Tests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education and Business. (Ref 371.26 M264a) 4th ed. Austin: Pro-Ed, 2003. Lists and describes 3,500 tests in English, and identifies the publisher or distributor of each. Does not contain critical reviews.

APA's Statement on Psychological Tests - From the APA's Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessment (CPTA).

Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education - A text document that outlines the practices prepared by the Joint Committee on Testing Practices.

Code of Professional Responsibilities in Educational Measurement - From the National Council on Measurement in Education.

Competencies in Assessment and Evaluation for School Counselors - Approved by the American School Counselor Association and by the Association for Assessment in Counseling.

ETS Test Locator - ..."an extensive library of 20,000 tests and other measurement devices from the early 1900s to the present."

Fair Test: The National Center for Fair and Open Testing - An advocacy organization focusing on flaws in the current testing system. Includes news, essays, and more.

Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment - From the University of North Carolina, a link to assessment related topics. There is a link to discussion lists, to full text materials on policies and other resources, links to other universities' pages, and links to accrediting bodies and processes. Updated frequently.

Joint Committee on Testing Practices - From the American Psychological Association, a description of their organization, publications, projects, and future conventions.

National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME) - Organizational information, listservs, publications, news, and more.

TCRecord.org: Assessment and Evaluation - An excellent directory of resources.

Psychology Web Resources

ETS Test Collection - ..."includes an extensive library of 20,000 tests and other measurement devices from the early 1900s to the present."

Tests and Measurements (SDSU) - A bibliography of sources, with instruments. Many of these books can be ordered through Link+.

Tests and Measurements in the Social Sciences - A bibliography of sources, with instruments. Search Albert or Link+ to find the actual material. From the University of Texas at Arlington.

Looking for a Particular Test or Measurement? Many "unpublished" surveys and instruments are found in books, journal articles and dissertations.

How to use PsycInfo to find tests and measures in journal articles

To find books in the Saint Mary's Library collection that contain actual tests (instruments), search Albert. Search by keyword, for example assessment* and instruments OR by subject headings, such as:

  • Psychological tests — Instruments
  • Educational tests and measurements — Instruments
  • Marketing research — Instruments
  • Consumer behavior — Research — Instruments
  • Health surveys — Instruments
  • Communication — Research — Instruments


The University of Texas maintains a more comprehensive online bibliography of books which contain instruments. Search Tests and Measurements in the Social Sciences - then search Albert or Link+ to find the book that contains the instrument that interest you.

The instructions for using the University of Texas resource are:

Quick Search using UT Arlington (host) web site [powered by Google]
1. Limit to TMdb Pages: search UTA's Web Site and include TMdb as one of your keywords. (Ex: perinatal grief TMdb)
2. Search for author last names, no first names included. (Ex: John W. Brown, Jr. listed as Brown Jr JW)
3. For "subject" type searching, always consider searching with other synonyms (Ex: learning OR teaching OR educating)
Once a contents page has been identified, use your browser's toolbar to EDIT, then FIND a keyword on the page.
The RefShare full records has equivalent information.