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Test Collection Policy
June 2003 (Revised 4/04; 8/06; 8/15; 3/17)

Purpose: The purpose of the test collection is to support the instructional needs of the faculty and students enrolled in Saint Mary's College (SMC) programs. The collection is primarily intended to support the teaching and learning process of students enrolled in courses that require the use of test instruments to fulfill course requirements.

In compliance with the guidelines set by the American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, and the National Council on Measurement in Education, as stated in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (1999),

  • the use of these materials is restricted to qualified borrowers,
  • copyright restrictions are strictly applied, and,
  • in order to ensure maximum security of test documents, test materials are released only to students enrolled in select courses, taught by qualified faculty. *

It is the responsibility of faculty to instruct students in the appropriate and ethical use of test materials including test security and copyright restrictions.

Scope: Directed by faculty recommendations, the Library will selectively purchase commercial test materials as necessary to support instructional objectives. These materials will receive full cataloging, be accessible through the Library's online catalog, and be shelved in the permanent reserve collection. The size of the collection is expected to remain small (approximately 100 test kits) and provide only a sampling of instruments available. Curriculum assessment is outside the scope of this collection and not to be collected.

Access: Identification of commercial test kits owned by the SMC Library is through Albert, the Library's online catalog. Tests are located in the reserve stacks and available to authorized borrowers only. Authorized borrowers include SMC School of Education and Psychology faculty and currently registered SMC students in select courses.

Each semester, SMC faculty will provide the Library's Circulation Department with a list of authorized users that also includes faculty contact information (Instructor's name, home phone number, and best time to call). Each student borrowing a test kit must be named on the authorized list and must present an active student identification card to access tests. For a student not on the official authorization list, faculty verification must be made prior to issuance of any test instrument. While permission is normally designated by inclusion on the official authorization list, in some cases, written permission from the liaison librarian is acceptable.

Students request tests at the Circulation Desk. The checkout period is generally seven days. Tests are subject to late fines. No one is allowed in the Library reserves area to review the test collection.

Although it is the responsibility of the circulation staff to inventory test kits at checkout and check-in, it is recommended that the borrower also inventory test kits at the point of checkout and prior to check-in to ensure all parts are included. The borrower should notify the circulation staff immediately if any parts are missing. The borrower will be charged for replacement of any missing test items (other than consumables) and in the case of lost kits, will be charged for the replacement of the lost kit at cost.

Collection Development & Management

Purchase: Only one copy of each test will be acquired. Publishers often require authorization from a qualified test administrator at the time of purchase. The School of Education will identify faculty members for publisher contact purposes.

School of Education
Special Education Program Contact: Dr. David Krapf
Office Phone: (925) 631-8177
E-mail: dkrapf@stmarys-ca.edu

Counseling Program contact: Dr. Rebecca Anguiano, School Psychology
Graduate Counseling Program, School of Education
Office Phone: (925) 631-4465
E-mail: rma6@stmarys-ca.edu

Cataloging: All test kits will receive full cataloging and be included in the online public catalog, Albert.

Copyright: All kits will be clearly marked with copyright restrictions. All materials contained in test kits are copyright restricted including test items, manuals, ancillary forms such as answer sheets, profile forms, scoring templates, conversion tables, and tables of norms. Photocopying is prohibited.

Consumables: Consumables included with the purchase of a test set remain with the test kit. One copy of each consumable, clearly labeled: "Do not Duplicate", is laminated to provide a sample. Additional consumables circulate with the instrument and are intended for use by students. Each semester, the Education Librarian will identify kits with consumables needing to be replenished and notify appropriate faculty. Faculty will be responsible for ordering replacement consumables using student lab fees.

* Any additional restrictions, as required by publishers for specific instruments, will be applied.

Conrad Woxland, Education Librarian
On Behalf of the Kalmanovitz School of Education
Saint Mary's College
Revised August, 2015