The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - April 11, 1862

April 11, 1862

Fortress Monroe

Yorktown Va
April 11th 1862

Dear Father & Mother

I will now set down and try to write a few lines to you to let you know that I am yet Alive and well and enjoying good health    we took the boat at Alexandria and went to fortress Monroe and from there we marched to where we be now on the battle field    I call it the battle field because we expect to fight every day and it will [words missing] fight that was ever heard of    the Rebels are 200000 strong and their forts and Breast works are 7 miles long and 4 wide    all the infantry that the north has got couldent drive them out of their place till we starved them out    but we have got over 150 big Cannons and a lot of these big mortar guns    we have got to shell them out and it will be hard work to do it to    it will take so General McClellan said nearly 3 weeks to Conquer them     but I must stop for this    I have slept but 6 hours out of 48    Give my best Respects to All enquiring friends    Direct your letters where you Always do    write as soon as you get this    my best love to you from    Forrest

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