The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - Dec. 2, 1861

December 2, 1861

A soldier from Forrest's regiment

Camp Griffin
Dec 2nd

Dear Father

I now take the pleasant opportunity to write a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope to find you the same    I received your letter last night or to night I mean and was very glad to hear from you    you say that Andrew is there and wants to come here and enlist    Just as soon as I got the letter I went to the Leieut and asked him about it    he told me to tell him to come along by all odds    Lieut Crane sat by and said tell him to come along any way if he was as good a boy as I was    the way to get along here is not to grumb at all and to do your duty faithfuly    if there is two three more that wants to come along with Andrew tell them to come along    I will warant them a place and a good time    tell Andrew to come just as quick as he possibly can if he wants to be here to the fight    I went to the colonel to night to ask him if I might build me a house and he says to me ["]Little, I have no objections to your buildin you a shanty["] but says he ["]it will do you no good for we are agoing to Advance and take or try to take Richmond now within 3 weeks["]    so father you may look out for the news of a gallus old fight pretty soon    I will now tell you about the money    I have enclosed $10 for you in this letter if you get it    I want you to write and let me know    Father I wish you was here with me I should fell [feel] a great deal better    Father I should like it a great deal if you could draw my $7 from the state of Vermont but I cant draw it myself    it lays in the treasury for me when I get home    but I cant write any more this time so good bye
from Forest
to his father and mother

Direct your letters where you Always & give my respects to Andrew tell him to come

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