The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - Dec. 29, 1861

December 29, 1861

Recruitment poster (New York)

Camp Griffin
Dec 29th 1861

Dear Parents

I received your letter night before last and your likenesses with it    I was very glad to hear from you and to hear that you were well    I was very glad to get your likeness too I tell you    you say that that one I sent you is fading away    I will send you another one just as soon as I can get some money to get it taken    you say that you will try and send me some things    I wish that you would    it will be received with great pleasure I assure you    if you do send some things I wish you would have aunt Betsy put in some butter and a little cheese    if she will be so good and I think she will    you can put them into a box and send it by express    I wish that you would find out what regiment alonzo belongs to and let me know also where he is situaded    I will go and see him if it costs me $10    I want to tell you something private    every morning after breakfast the company is formed and marched to the sink to do our business    I think that is prety large dont you[?]    I guess lorenzo Russell is here in the 6th Regiment    I see him about every day    he sends his Respects to you Father    I wish you would send me a paper once in a while    does it snow any in Crown Point[?]    we have not had a mite of snow yet here but it is a awful cold    there is another thing I want you to send me if you can that is a pair of Gloves    but I cant think of any more this time to write    so good bye for this time
From your Affectionate
Son Forrest

Direct your letters where you Always do
Forrest Little
Company F 5th VT Volunteers
Camp Griffin 1861

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