The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - Feb. 1, 1862

February 1, 1862

Execution of a deserter

Co F 5th Reg’t Vermont Volunteers, Camp Griffin
Febuary 1st 1862

Dear Father & Mother

I now take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well & I hope to find you the same    I came off from picket guard yesterday morning I caught a very hard cold    I cant speak only in a whisper    it snowed last night a very little    it rains now like the old harry    I dont know when this muddy weather will be over with    it rains and snows all the time    the mud is up to my knees now    why you cant walk 15 Rods without stopping to Rest    oh it is awful    we have got to have a big monthly inspection to morrow    General brooks & General Smith inspects us    oh how I dread it    there was a fellow by the name of John Smith in our company got a furlough to go home for 10 days    that was 15 days ago he has not got back    he was Reported a deserter yesterday morning    if they ever catch him I pity him    he will be shot    there has 5 men deserted from our Regt since we been here    there has two on [furlough] sworn to desert    I would like to come home on a furlough pretty well if I could but I cant    I shall have to wait till the Regiment is discharged and then I can come    I got your likenesses put in a case yesterday    I will get mine taken pretty soon and send it to you    there aint a day passes but what 2 or 3 deserters from the Rebel army comes through our lines    they are deserting by the Wholesale I tell you    but I must stop for this time so Good bye    this from you Affectionate Son

Write as soon as you get this

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