The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - Feb. 16, 1862

February 16, 1862

Battle of Fort Donelson

Fairfax Co Verginnia
Camp Griffin
Februay 16th 1862

Dear Fathe

I received your kind letter last night was very glad to hear from you and to hear that you were well and enjoying good health as this leaves me in at the present    Father do you suppose that I would enlist again especialy in the Regular Service against your will[?]    no never    I think to much of home and of my Parents of my Father Mother of sister and my brother    but Father I dont think that if this war would close in 3 months that we would be discharged    look at Mexico    do you suppose that United States would allow a Monarchy on her Continent[?]    no never    I would fight till my last blood was spilled before I would allow it    that is what these foreign nations [are] at if united states would allow it    I would never bear the Glorious name of an American Soldier I should be ashamed of it    you asked me if I have seen any petticoats down here    I have got one that I go to see    she is a Splendid girl I tell you     she is a tip top Singer I tell you    She went to work and got me a first rate good Supper    I dident hardly know how to handle a knife and fork and to have a pretty Virginian girl to wait on me    I made some awful blunders I tell you    if I dont set down to a table once in a while I shall be a barbarian by the time I get home    what do think about it[?]    Father you oughto have been here when the news of the capture of Roanoke island and of fort donelson Reached us here    the mud is as deep as ever    I hope the mud will dry up pretty soon for I want to go in to one good fight before I get home    any way just as soon as it gets dry so that we can march we shall    we are agoing to Attack bull run and Manasses in the front while them troops that went with Burnside attack them in the Rear    I tell you Father it will be a bloody fight and if I should happen to fall I should like to be carried home to be burried    but the ball was never made that could kill me    all of our boys are feeling pretty well    there aint but 4 on the sick list now    it haint been hardly 3 weeks since there was 34 on the sick list    I think that is comeing down a pretty good jog dont you[?]    is there many sick around there now[?]    is the old white Meeting house in as much of an uproar as ever[?]    Have you seen any thing of Andrew yet[?]    I think that he has showed his [—] well never mind let him go     if you see ferron Chillcot tell him that I think that he had better answer my letter    you never saw watches fly as they do now a days     there was a watch set up the other day to shake for     it was a dollar a shake for 14 of us    I won the watch so I have got a first rate good watch and only paid a dollar for it    I have got a good Rasor to[o]    but I must stop for this time so good bye
this from your Son
F H Little

write as soon as you get this

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