The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - Feb. 21, 1862

February 21, 1862

5th Vermont Flag

Camp Griffin
February 21st 1862
Fairfax Co Verginia

Dear Father & Mother

I received your kind letter last night and I was very glad to hear from [you] & to hear that you were well and enjoying good health as this leaves me in at the present    it is very muddy here yet    I dont know as it will ever get dry    there aint no good prospect of it now any way    I am afraid that I aint agoing to get into any fight    the Rebels are agoing to be conquered before our division can move    this war aint agoing to last but a little while longer that is what some of our best informed officers say    how is it what do the cittisens of Crown Point think about the war[?]    do they seem to think that it is agoing to last 3 years or not[?]    Mother just as soon as I can get some money I will send you enough to get you a dress with    I dont know when we shall get our pay    that fellow that we thought had deserted has Returned    he got back last night    he is under arrest now    I dont know what they will do with him    Sammes Smith is well    he sits Right by my side    he sends his best Respects to you    he wants you to see his Father and ask him if he has drawed the money on that check that he sent him    if he has he wants him to write and let him know    if he haint drawed it he will send him another one that will draw it    and by the way has uncle P drawed your money yet[?]    if he haint I want you to let me know and I will send him another order    I got a letter from Sarah Lillie Gustave & Maria and I have answered all of them    I don’t see why Ferron dont answer my letter I think it is about time    I want you to ask cath if she Received the letter I sent to her    if she has I would like to have her answer it    but I must stop for this time    so Good Bye    my best love to you from your Son Forrest

answer as soon as you get this
Forrest Little
Crown Point Essex Co
New York

The Union & the Constitution Forever
Liberty & the Union God of our native land
Three Cheers for the Red white & blue
Death to all Traitors

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