The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - Jan. 21, 1862

January 21, 1862

Transports on the River Potomac

Fairfax Co Va Camp Griffin
January 21st 1862

Dear Father & Mother

I received your letter on the 18th inst which gave me great Pleasure to hear that you were well & enjoying good health as this leaves me in at the present time    Mother spoke about its being awful cold there    it dont begin to be like the Weather here    to begin with it is awful cold and it has rained every [day] since last Wednesday    why we cant drill a mite    last night I went over to the Vermont 2nd Regt and every step I took I went into the mud up to my knees    that is just as true as you live    we cant have a dress parade even so you can judge what it is here    why Father you dont know any thing about mud there    I have got to go on picket next Saturday so Saturday night you can think of me and know what I am a doing    Father I received the box you sent me and I was very glad to get it to    I tell you every thing was safe in it    I want you to see Mary Clune and tell her that I will answer her letter just as soon as I can    I cant get a stamp for love nor money it is not a possible thing    has Uncle Paris drawed the money yet[?]    if he haint let me know and I will send another one and I will see that there is no flaw in the order    tell Bida & ferrin that I think it is about time for them to answer my letter    Father what is the reason that you dont never say any thing about gerty nor any the rest of them[?]    Lorenzo Russell sets here by me    he sends his best respects to you    I beleive that this is all at present    so good by for this time    kiss gerty for me and also the rest of them    tell ernest and eva to be good children kiss them for me    kiss Your Selves for me

From Forrest to his Father & Mother
Direct your letters where you always do

Father you must not think that I am sick because I do not write every week
I write every time I can get a chance and get a stamp to send it with

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