The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - Jan. 6, 1862

January 6, 1862

General W.F. ("Baldy") Smith

Camp Griffin
Jan 6th 1862

Dear Parents

I received your kind letter night before last and was very glad to hear from you and to hear that you were well and enjoying good health as this leaves me in at the present. it is pretty cold here this morning    it snowed last night about ¾ of an inch    that is the first time it has snowed a mite this Winter    it looked kinda natural I tell you    you wanted to look up that Vorce    I have looked all around but I cant find him    will you see whether it is in the 5th or 6th that he belongs to    you also wanted to know what part of the army I belong to    I am in General Smiths Division    there is I believe 8 brigades in this Division    I am in General Brooks brigade    our General is a perfect brick he is a Good fellow I tell you    he awful cross sometimes but he has to be    I do not blame him a [word missing]    Our Regiment has the praise of being the best in the brigade    I want to let you know we have to pay for things here    butter is 35 cents a pound and very poor at that    the small papers of tobacco that you have to pay 3 cents for is 6 cents here    what do you think of that Father[?]    I bought me a pair of boots the other day and what do you think I had to pay for them[?]    I had to pay the small sum of $6 ½     what do you think of that too[?]    every thing is up according    but I must stop for this time    I have to go on picket guard to morrow morning    this morning I came of from division guard

This from your son

write soon

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