The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - July 8, 1862

July 8, 1862

Battle of Savage Station

Camp near James River
July 8th [1862]

Dear Father & Mother

I now seat myself to answer your long neglected letter    I am well and in tip top health and I hope to find you the same    it is hotter here than the firery furnace    I am out on Picket guard to day and I am a setting in the shade and the swet rolls off from me in torrents    our Brigade has been in a very severe fight    our Regt lost 350 killed wounded and missing    there was a ball went thrugh my coat sleeve I thought that clost enough    Father I done my duty right up to the handle and our Regt stood Right up to the rack    out of 64 cattridges that I had when the fight Began I had 11 rounds left when it ended    we beat them and whiped them like the old harry    they had 3 Pieces of Artillery that fired grape shot and cannister at us make fearful holes in our ranks    but we soon dried them up and you oughto have seen them skedaddled of    it was fun to see them    but I must stop for this time    I will tell you more next time     but now Father dont fret your self for me    I will take good care of my self    this is all at Present    my best love to you    kiss all the Children for me    Give Gerty 3 times 3 for me    how does the little canary get along[?]    does he sing as much as ever[?]    write as soon as you get this    Direct where you Always do
From your affectionate son
Forrest Little

Harrison's Landing

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