The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - March 20, 1862

March 20, 1862

Bull Run

Camp near Clouds Mills
March 20th 1862

Dear Father & Mother

I will now set down and write a few lines to you to let you know that I am well and I hope to find you the same    we are encamped within 4 miles of Alexandria in a very pleasant place    we are Right in sight of Alexandria and the river and within fifty Rods of the Rail Road    I was on the field of Bull Run the other day    it was an awful looking place I tell you    there was a lot of our men that had laid there on the ground that hadent been burried at all    there was 14 of the 14th New York lay all toghether in one pile    oh God what a Sight    there was over 100 men lay around in just such a way    I picked up a letter K that a Rebel had on his hat close by where the men lay    I will send it to you and I want you to lay it up and keep it as a Memento of the Battle of bull run    I dont know when we shall start from here any thing about it    they are a shipping a lots of Soldiers every day now for the Burnside Expedition    it is a cold wet day to day kind of a drizzleing sort of a day    we are agoing to have a big Review to morrow the President and Generals McClellan Keys and Smith    I dread it like the deuce    but I must stop for the Present    my best love to you    write as soon as you Get this     Direct your letter where you Always do    Give my best Respects to all my enquiring Friends
From Forrest

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