The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - March 4, 1862

March 4, 1862

Vermont Governor Frederick Holbrook

Headquarters of 5th Regt Vt Vol
Camp Griffin
March 4th [1862]

Dear Father & Mother

I Received your kind letter in due time    I was very glad to hear from you and to hear that you were well and enjoying good health as this leaves me in at the present    I think that it is about as you say that us fellows on the Potoma[c] will have to be flying around or we shall get Cheated out of haveing a whack at the Rebels    I dont hardly think that the 5th Vermont will ever see a fight    by thunder I hope that we shall have a good fight    I dont want to go home without haveing a good fight    I think that all of us that live will be to home by the 1st Agust    the Govener of the State has asked lincoln to send home the Vermont Brigade just as soon as he can Spare us    you say that Gerty is Growing fast    I dont suppose that I shall know her by the time I get home    there is no news of any Importance here    we are expecting the orders to move every day    I got a letter from Ferron to night    he wrote that they was all well    I wrote to Clarissa to day    I got a letter from Richard the other day    he said that you had got the money     but I must close for this time    my love to you    write as soon as you get this    from your son    Forrest to Father & Mother

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