The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - March 7, 1862

March 7, 1862

Union uniform

Camp Griffin
March 7th 1862

Dear Father & Mother

I received your kind letter last night was very glad to hear that you were well and enjoying good health as this leaves me in at the present    the mud is a drying up fast    we have a brigade drill every day now    General Brooks is as cross as thunder    he swears worse than old hamelen [Hamlin] ever thought of swearing    but then he is use to seeing things done up to the handle    our Brigade is called the best one on The Potomac the best drilled Brigade And the best looking men    we are under marching orders now    we expect to march for Manasses and from there to Richmond    we shall have some fun before we get there I think    what do you think about it[?]    I shall keep my watch till i get home    as for Gambling I havent Gambled a cent of my money    we have got to pay for our suit of clothes $35 for our Clothes only they are a keeping our pay back now so as to be sure of their pay    they are acting as mean as the devil with us    I dident think Uncle Sam would act so mean with us    when we got our Suits of clothes we was told that they was a gift to us    but I must stop for this time    oh I forgot I get the Papers that you send me    I am very glad you send them    I wrote to Uncle Warren the other day    my best love to you    write as soon as you get this
from forrest

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