The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - Nov. 23, 1861

November 23, 1861

Grand review of the Army of the Potomac

Camp Griffin Nov 23rd [1861]

Dear Parents

I now take the opportunity to write a few lines to you to let you know that I am well and enjoying good health    I received your letter last night and was very glad to hear from you and to hear that you was well    you wanted to know how many letters I have received from you    I have received just 4 from you    I have received one from martha Clune and one from Almond Deportee    I have wrote this makes just nine letters to you    I have wrote two to Martha and one to Almond and one to Bida    I have not got an answer from her yet but I expect one every day    I some times wish I was at home where I could be sure of a good bed every night and especiley a good breakfast for I have got up many a time in the morning and had nothing but one hard cracker to eat    I have been prety hard up for two or three days past    you have proably read about the great Review    I was out to that    it was about 10 miles from our camp    the[re] was over 75 thousand light infantry and 10 Regiments of cavalry and 12 batteries    there was about 20 thousand Spectators on the ground    any way General McClellan said that was the largest body of armend men ever known in the United States    I tell you it was a splend[id] sight    I’ll be hanged if it want the next day our Regiment went out on a scout after hay and oats for the horses I tell you we had fun    we would go right into the secesh hog pens and run the hogs thrugh with our bayonets    the old Secesh would stand by and grate his teeth but it wouldent do him no good    he had the bloody 5th to deal with    but I haint got time to write any more    kiss little gerty for me and tell her boby forest would like to see her    father I will do my duty faithfuly and you shall neve[r] have no cause to blush for me    my best love and respects to you
from forest

Direct your letters where you Always do

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