The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - Nov. 29, 1861

November 29, 1861

Scott and his generals (General Banks on far right)

Camp Griffin
Nov 29th 1861

Dear Parents

I now take the pleasant opportunity to write a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope to find you the same    it is allmighty cold here now but we dont have no snow    I dont think we shall move from here at any rate it dont look like it now    the cavalry men are putting up log huts for their horses and make things as comfortable as they can and some of our men are building under ground houses    they build them in this manner    they dig a hole about 7 foot deep and eight foot square and then they make a pekid [peaked] roof and cover it up with dirt    they mak a fireplace in it and it is as comfortable as an[y] house I ever was in    I sent you a map of the seat of war on the potomac    we are where you see that flag close by Lewinsville    you can see where the rebels are and how close they be to us that is to Viana [Vienna]    that is only about 6 miles from us    we go within three miles of them every time we go out on picket    General Banks come a good trick over them that day we had the Great Review at falls church.    our big cannons was firing the national salute in honor of old Abe and General McClellan    the rebels thought that we was firing intto Fairfax court house and they come down with thirty thousand men    while they was gone General Banks crossed they river and took possesion of their battery    well when the rebels got down there and found out their mistake they had to march back when they got back they found out that their fort and all their big guns [were] in the possession of the Union troops    they was awful mad I suppose    at any rate they tried to take it back but found out they couldent do it so they had to fall back to another position    but I cannot write any more to night    I will write more next time so good night    I think it is kinda strange that I dont get answer from bida    I wrote to her nearly two weeks ago and have not got an answer yet give respects to all my inquiring friends    my best love to you
from forrest

you know where to direct your letters Forrest

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