The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - Oct. 16, 1861

October 16, 1861

Camp Griffin

Camp Griffin
Oct 16th 1861

Dear Mother

I now take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well and I hope to find you the same    I think that it is about time to Receive an answer    I have wrote three letters before this and have not got an answer yet    I dont see into this no how    I would like to hear from home first rate    we are Encamped in a splendid place now I tell you    it is on the top of a high hill it is called prospect hill    I am to work in the cook tent now    it is no fool of a job [to] Cook and wash the dishes for one hundred men    we can see the enemys fires about every night    our picket guard are posted within 80 Rods of the enemy    our Pickets are about 2 miles from our camp so we are about 2 miles and a half from the enemy    we are expecting a fight every day    it keeps a brewing hot    every day our men in fort Ethan Allen threw some shells over into the enemys Camp    last night one of the shells burst in the air    the white smok curled up makeing a pretty sight I tell you    have you have heard from father yet[?]    if you have I wish you would write and tell me where he is    I would like to hear from him    there is another one that I would like to hear from to[o] that is Grandma    I would like to have her write to me    how soon I would answer it[!]    Give my love to her dont forget it now will you    but I cant think of any more now    my best love to you    Give my love to the children and kiss them for me    Give my Respects to all the young folks and tell them to write to me
from your Affectionate son
Forrest Little

Direct your letters to Washington D.C. Company F 5th Regiment Vermont Volonteers in care Capt E S Stowell

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