The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - Oct. 22, 1861

October 22, 1861

General P.G.T. Beauregard

Camp Griffin
Oct 22nd 61

Dear Parents

I now take the Opportunity to write a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope to find you same    I received your letters and was very glad to hear from you    I am very glad to hear that you have got home    I was out on picket the night your letters arrived so I did not get them till the next night    we expect to move from here before a great while    the rebels have fallen back as far as fairfax court house and there make a stand but we are going to drive them from there    it is only about 7 miles from here    they are trying to get us into another bull run scrape but they wont do it    you may expect to hear of a great battle before a great many weeks    the rebels are going to keep falling back till they get to Manassas gap    there they make a stan and give us battle    if they loose that they are defeated they are gone up    there was a rumer in camp the other day that one of the Enemys ships had run our our blockade    they hadant been gone a great while before 2 of our men of war took out after them    it is expected that Gen’l BeuraGuard [Beauregard] and Jef. Davis was in that ship and were leaving for England    we had some very distinguished Visiters the Other day    they were General McClellan and his wife and his staff the Princess Clotilda and her suite and the secretary Cameron    they were present at the trial of our big rifled canons    they were tossing some shell over into rebel camp    I will now tell you about the money    we dont get our pay untill the first of next month    when I do get it I will send it home    it is rather dificult sending money home    there are so many light fingered ones    I wish if you had postage stamps at home you would send me some    I cant write another letter untill I get some    I havent got any money to get any    but I cant think of anymor at present    kiss the children for me    my best love to you.

from your Affectioanate son Forrest

Give my Respects to all the young Folks
my love in return to Edna & Martha tell them to write

Direct your letters to Washington D.C Company F 5 Regt Vermont Volunteers Camp Griffin in care Capt E S Stowell

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