The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - October 3 & 6, 1861

October 3 & 6, 1861

Envelope from Forrest to his parents

Chain Bridge
Oct 3rd 1861

Dear Parents

I will now set down and write a few lines to let you know where I am and how I feel when I went away from home    I went over to Middlebury & enlisted in the 5th Reg Vermont Volunteers Col. Smalley    there is 11 Companies in this Regiment 100 men in Each Company    the name of my Captain is E S Stowell    he says that he knew Father when he lived in Orwell    he is a tip top Captain I tell you    Our Company is called the Cornwall Company Letter F    when Our Company was Full we took the Cars and went down to St Albans the place of Rendezvous    we stayed there a little over a week    we got our Uniforms & Guns & left for Washington


Chain Bridge battery

Camp Advance
Oct 6th 1861

I will now Continue my letter    When we arrived in Washington we were placed in a long big building which is Called the Soldiers home    now I will Tell you what we had for our first supper in the State of Maryland    we were formed in Company and marched into another Big house and set down to a long table    we had a slice of bread about 2 inches Thick and a cup of Coffee without being sweetened    it came Rather hard I Tell you    but I have got ahead of my story    when we started from St Albans we went over the VT Central we started in the morning    The next morning we was in New Haven CT    The next night we was in Jersey City    well it took us 3 days & 2 nights a going to Washington a long Journey I Tell you I was about Tired out when I got there    we are now encamped under The guns of Fort Marcy a little ways south of Chain bridge    we live well now    we have Coffee Three Times a day    we [have] Pork & Beans, Rice, Beef, Mush Bread & Molasses and Soup    I have to be on guard 2 nights in a week    it aint much fun I Tell you    our guns are as heavy as the Old Rifle    But I cant Think of any more at present.

Forrest Little

Kiss the Children for me
From yor Son Forrest to his Parents

Direct your letters to Washington Citty D C
Company F 5th Regiment Vt Volunteers Capt E S Stowell Camp Advance

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