The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little - Stowell letter

Letter from Captain E. S. Stowell, November 29, 1861


Captain E. S. Stowell

Camp Griffin
November 29th 1861

Dear Wife

The reason of my not wanting Eugene to come down was that Hi felt very bad when he found it out. He is sure E— would not be well here or Capt Moore could have passed him down as well as not and he probably knows it now.    Going soldiering leaves men many things grand and otherwise—

You see we are here yet. There has been cannonading towards Edwards Ferry to–day — the report is Bank’s Div. is crossing the River. We hope it is true if they do we will advance to Winter quarters on the Alexandria Rail Road where we can get supplies and plenty of wood to build huts and burn. We have had no winter yet. To–day is as warm as September – The sweat runs down my face as I write and we have had but little fire in the Tent to-day.

I do not get rid of my cough yet. I am trying to get leave of absence to come home for a couple of wks to get it cured. Can’t say how I may succeed. —

I think you had better give E— $5,00 in part pay for the trouble he has been to —

Tell Lizzie that I think she writes very good letters — and Anna that Papa wants her to be a little girl, not a boy — Boys wear breaches. I am very glad you like your man. I trust he will prove well.

Luther is better — They are having more sickness in the 6th now than we have had. Vermont Reg’s come into the field in a bad time —— cold damp nights.

Truly yours
E  S  Stowell

Stonehenge, home of Edwin S Stowell, Cornwall, VT


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